GRAMMY Award Project 2012

Mar. 7, 2012For the second year in a row Ken Cowle has been a key part of a GRAMMY nominated Children’s CD. At the recent 2012 GRAMMYs he was recognized as part of the success behind “All About Bullies… Big And Small” as it won in the category of Children’s CD.

In 2011 Ken was at the GRAMMYs following the nomination of a previous project “Healthy Food for Thought: Good Enough to Eat.”

Although he could not make the trip this year, the team of producers accepting the award this year extended their thanks on stage to Ken Cowle for his role.


Ken wrote an original piece of his own “Where are Ya?” for the CD, a mix of music and spoken word by various artists, centered on the theme of Bullies. He also spent months in negotiations with Universal Records to make it possible for alternative rock band “Blue October” to contribute their song “Jump Rope”. Blue October has been featured on recent “Asylum for Your Soul” shows.

The GRAMMY recognition is the latest good news for Ken’s company; Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Inc. It has grown into a free spirited organization that is recognized as giving everything it has to working with independent artists, much more than could have been imagined starting with the publication of one book of poetry several years ago.

The company now publishes and promotes the works of independent artists from around the world – authors, poets, musicians and screen writers among them. Since 2008 Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Inc. has been producing “Asylum for Your Soul”. It is a weekly two hour radio show of music and original writing woven into themes of Love, Family, Strife, Bullying, Addiction and other topical issues. In addition there are special artist spotlights and interviews.

A new compilation CD that will include music and spoken word is in development now in time for the 2013 GRAMMY nominations. Ken looks forward to collaborating with interested Canadian artists and celebrities to join in this fund-raising project.