Smashing Stereotypes – Newmarket 2006

Ken Cowle was invited to be a guest speaker at Smashing Stereotypes, a symposium hosted by York Disability as a way to showcase the accomplishments of York Region residents, highlighted by speaking presentations by some of the people who dispel some of the misconceptions about what is possible with determination and suitably provided assistance.

The presentations were followed with time to engage with attendees including stakeholders and York Region decision makers.

Festival of Stories – Georgina 2008

A fair to celebrate books for all ages was an opportunity for large numbers of Georgina residents to enjoy the locally and newly published book Harold Can’t Stand To Be Alone, read aloud to an enthralled group of children.

The girl pictured here with her mother loved the book so much she needed to have two copies; one for home and one for the family vehicle so she’d never be without “Harold.”

Daytime – Rogers TV

Numerous appearances live on air were an avenue for Ken Cowle to introduce some of the emerging authors and entertainers associated with the company. Book releases were a major source of content for these segments, plus live music.

Guests appearing over the years under the Soul Asylum umbrella include: Freddy Will, Catherine Bowman, Andrew Dorland, David Lawton, and The Elwins.