Radio Show List

These are titles of Asylum For Your Soul shows, spanning over a decade, distributed on FM radio for a local audience and listened to internationally via internet.

Several of those distant fans became long time friends and contributed fresh music, poetry, short stories and interviews that were the bedrock of the shows. Local contributors were interviewed and read or performed their music in studio when possible.

The list is organized by the year of first release. Shows were often repeated through the years with revisions but this collection is the basis of content aired weekly. We were still on the air and internet weekly into 2017 though much of the content was reworking the best of past shows. You can see that through the years this was a lot of production work for two people, along with the cooperation of guests and contributing writers and musicians. Edits to the list may be made over time.


Art of Poetry
Mothers (Women)
The Moon Part 1
The Moon Part 2
Rain and Sun
Five Senses
Come Walk With Me
Darkness Reigns
John Nathaniel
Rise Above
For the Children
Hot and Steamy

War 2008
Hit the Road
Rise Above 2 Hour
World Indie Flight
September Ends
Freddy Will – Live in Stouffville 
Around the World
Dark Show
Unpaid Bills
Christmas I
Christmas II Love and Loss
Christmas Fun
PA Alive & Kicking (Philadelphia Studio)

New Year New Beginnings
Who I Am
Soul Searching
Moon’s Glow
World in Crisis
St. Patrick’s Day
Love and War
Moon’s Glow
City of Opportunity
Woman’s Journey
Spotlight Flight
Four Seasons
Venus Rising – Freddy Will & Carvin Winans in Studio
Summer of Love
Whispering Souls Anthology
Trick or Tease
Spotlight Authors
Halloween reVampired
Fall Showcase Shows 65 &70
Spotlight – Wyrd Sisters

Looking Back to 2009
Rise Above Addiction
Spotlight – Freddy Will
Spotlight Missy Knott, Sam Ferguson, Keith McMurran
New Beginnings 2010
Love of Arts Poetry & Music, First True Love
Artists Sam Ferguson, Dave Watt
Dreams and Nightmares
Spotlight – Craig Sawyer, Melinda Worland
Planet Earth
Come Walk With Me
August Love
Fun in the Sun – Kat Stiles, Ronnie Enoch, Don Porter
Sept. Transition – Nick Flavell
Sept. Indie – Jeannine Watson, Joe Jencks

Past Shows compilation interviews
Kidnap Cupid – new show
Grammy Show – Children’s Album
Jann Klose Spotlight
Spring Spotlight
Four Seasons
Four Poet Highlight – Carlus, Erik Eastabrook, Mignon Farr, Mona Rodriquez
Live guests in studio: Raymond, Woody, John Tanner
Blue October feature
Summer of Love
Shadow of the Moon
Consider Your Dreaming
Summer Indie Show – all new
Summer Journey – Leokadia Durmaj
Erik Estabrook, Kerry L. Marzock
Falling – Ronnie Enoch Live
9-11 Anniversary – Marilyn Ann Frances, Jennifer Hughes
Seasons Change – Arlynn Mackie
Fall and Family – Jeannine Watson
Time – Mignon Farr
Who I Am – Erin Briggs
Winter – with interviews
Christmas with guests – New Show

The Vault – looking back 4 yrs.
Review of 2011
Aspects of Love 
Whitney Houston Tribute
Interviews – Authors David Watt, Jeannine Watson, Leokadia Durmaj
Artists Spotlight, misc.
Mojgan Imani, Raymond Anderson, Marilyn Francis
Summer Spotlight – Jann Klose
Linda Dawe & Raymond Cave
Remembering 9-11
Jane Eamon
September Ends
Arkay Evans, Isabelle Tremblay
Halloween Prelude
Halloween Special (Thriller)
Benefit Concert & Geoff Moore

Interview – Wendy Smale
Deborah Campo
Jane Eamon and other artists
Anne Leighton Interview
Guests: Bonzai Hill writers
Eve Brouwer Interview
Leokadia Durmaj, Jeannine Watson
Dennis John Ferado, Sheri Celada, and Kevin David LeMaster
Spotlight 4 writers
Indian Poets plus Sarah Newton
Joe Agnello, Deb Campo
Ann Carruth Donoghue. Neil Chapman

Rod Adams
Poets in the House – all new show
Shades of Love all new show
All new show – interviews
3 poets, Sheri Celada, Paula Cordoso, Kosak
Angels Among Us – Pauline Beaulieu
New B Nation, G Mayer, Ann Carruth Donoghue
Tribute to Dante Bucci

Indie writers and music – First Play
Deb Campo and Scott Duncan – In Studio
George Thorogood, Brian Setzer

Anthology 10 Years After
Anthology Poets I
Anthology Poets II
Anthology Poets III
Anthology Poets IV
Suzanne Plunkett
Carlos, Kerry L Marzock, Ron Porter