Smashing Stereotypes

Smashing Stereotypes York Region event

January 2007

Ken Cowle was recently invited to be on the panel of “Smashing Stereotypes”, an event held at York Region’s Administration Centre and hosted by Ivy Henriksen of disABILITY Employment Services.

The event invited both employers and persons with disabilities who have a desire to move past the myths and barriers that keep them on the fringes of the province’s workforce. Ms. Henriksen was an invaluable source of expertise and support while Ken was building Soul Asylum Poetry into a sustainable business.

Just over a year ago, Mr. Cowle was living solely on an Ontario disability pension, after suffering life-threatening illnesses and painful disabilities he lives with everyday. However that didn’t stop his wish to return to being self-sufficient and productive. More importantly, he wanted to create something of worth that his friends and family can benefit from. This was a dream Ken was able to realise in 2005 by putting together his first collection of poetry and finding the people that helped him produce and fund his first published book: Cajun Moon – A Journey Through Time.

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