The Beginning

Publishing dream comes true for Georgina poet

 – Georgina Advocate Jan 18, 2006 

Award-winning Georgina poet Ken Cowle’s goal was to get his first book published. A joint venture has made that possible and given him more creative control and potential profits. Through a chance meeting in Sutton with Black River Media owner Charles Ross, Mr. Cowle was encouraged to form his own publishing company, Soul Asylum Poetry. This venture put his first book, Cajun Moon, on the fast track to being edited, internationally registered and published in less than two months. The business is focused on short run, on-demand printing to keep initial costs as low as possible, but still have the quality and features necessary for commercial acceptance, he said. The book will include his first poem. Entitled Dream Love, he remembers waking up in the middle of the night and the words just flew out. He hasn’t stopped composing poetry since, all handwritten on sheets of paper. Although he was never taught the art, he remembers having an interest in poetry during high school.

“I had some rocky roads, certainly. I was very lucky to have two loving and wonderful people (as parents),” he said. Now 43, separated and living on a disability, Mr. Cowle turned to poetry to express feelings and memories of his past. He said he is “very close” to his two children and granddaughters. His faith also gets him through difficult times, Mr. Cowle said. “God will accept you no matter how many sins you’ve committed if you will open your heart to him,” he said, adding his poems are “a beautiful projection of faith”. A website, allows people to share their work, ideas and talents. Mr. Cowle gives credit to several organizations that made this possible. As a person entitled to the Ontario Disabilities Support Program, he was provided with a financial consultant, Ivy Henriksen, who was instrumental in preparing a grant application funding the business and publishing of Cajun Moon. With a business plan, Mr. Cowle arranged financing through the South Lake Futures Development Corporation that will help expand the business. He is looking forward to a time when he won’t be dependent on government assistance. Mr. Cowle suggested others with disabilities look into programs available to assist them.

Soul Asylum Poetry has stimulated work on several projects and collaborations among fellow Georgina residents on illustrations, song lyrics, graphic design and advertising. The company offers other writers the same chance to be published and promoted with an artistic, hands-on approach. 

Dream Love

I close my eyes at night
to thoughts of only you,
this is when I’m happy
in my dreams you love me, too.

When awake you’re with another
and friends is what we are,
I long to see the darkness fall
for love is not too far.

I close my eyes so quickly now
into this sleep I go.
Hoping for my love to come.
Hoping she will show.

I wish I didn’t have to wake,
for reality sets in.
She really is with another
and the friendship must begin.