St. Patrick’s Day Show – A Classic

One of the favourite shows of our long time listeners. It is a classic example of an Asylum For Your Soul show, where spoken word and music are selected to build the imagery of a particular theme.

The Poets: Kerry L Marzock, Kath Stiles, Chris Vaughan, Nikola Young, Thomas Davis, Pamela Tennant, Kairi, Don P Elliott, Barbara Fidler, lady author1, Howard Manser, Yvonne Marie Crain, touch of magic, Yoh Yoh, Steve Sally, Cottonwood, Francis Brown, Poetry One, Marie Calhoun, Brokenwing and more…

The Musicians: We would like to thank our friends in Ireland at Pik@Clik, Emily Alice, Brian McGovern, Mark Greaney, Celtic Thunder, Pacifix, Enya, Brobdingnagian Bards, Gaelic Storm, The Irish Tenors, and much more!

Hosted and Directed by Ken Cowle. Sound editing: Charlie Ross