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Publisher to focus on local talent

September 3, 2008

Since creating a display of books by local independent publisher Soul Asylum Poetry, Sutton’s Turn the Page bookstore has enjoyed steady sales from the variety of poetry, novels and children’s books.

The quality of content and printing attracts repeat customers to this collection of new titles, amid shelves used books at discount prices. The publishing firm was founded by Ken Cowle of Jackson’s Point.

“Last fall, Ken approached us with an assortment of newly-printed books that stand out from the crowd,” Bookstore owner Mary Schwab said. “They have a special appeal because they are published here in Georgina and some of the authors are local residents, such as Sutton’s David C. Lawton and Ken himself.”

A Bountiful Adventure by Mr. Lawton, has been a popular choice on the shelves of Turn the Page. The Bear’s Den in Keswick and other outlets in Georgina carry selections too.

Several of the poetry books have been published as fundraisers for research on breast cancer, autism and prostate cancer.

“The word has gotten out that we have our own publisher in town and you just have to look at the books to see the care they put into everything they do,” Ms Schwab said.

Books range from romantic and dramatic poetry to adventure novels and horror.
For children, there is an on-going series of short stories that can be read in rhyme.
Lessons are learned through the eyes of a puppy named Harold. These are printed in large type and illustrated with flair and are fun to read along for little children to amuse themselves, Mr. Cowle said.

Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing has a small core of local talent for design and editing, but the growth has been international in scope since the beginning. Mr Cowle said their reputation for fairness with the creative people they serve has stimulated a influx of writers, artists and now musicians, from Australia to Ireland.

The company was invited by Stouffville’s new community radio station, WhiStle Radio, to produce weekly shows of music and spoken word. Shows have been broadcast by FM and internet, starting with assistance from the Ontario Disability Support Program and from South Lake Community Futures.
Joree Williams, Helen McManus, Darlene Fogel volunteer to co-direct the weekly radio show (Whistleradio.com,) that highlights the work of the authors.

Mr. Cowle is never far from the beginning struggles of Soul Asylum Poetry and takes pleasure in doing what he can for others, especially those with challenges of their own.
Aspiring writers and musicians in the area are welcome to contact: www.soulasylumpoetry.com


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