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Joree Williams...aka Joree

poet...workshop admin,and leader..      

We are so lucky to have Joree as a teacher here on the site!  Joree has a degree in Journalism and a vast knowledge of different styles of poetry.  Her work is seamless, smooth and down to earth.

Senryus on Life

The most beautiful
Attire anyone can wear
Is a loving smile

The most effective
Sleeping pill anyone can
Have is peace of mind

Disabling fear
Is one of hardest problems
We can overcome

The most destructive
Of habits one can possess
Penchant to worry

The human brain is
The world's most incredible
Working computer

The art of giving
Freely from a sincere heart
Is the greatest joy

If you really want
The most satisfying work
Try helping others

To feel self-pity,
That most worthless emotion,
Is a total waste

Integrity is
The most prized possession of
All people of worth

Prayer is the most
Powerful channel we use
To communicate

The ugliest trait
Of personality is
One of selfishness

Man thinks he loses time
If things not done quickly , then
Spends day killing time

Love thy neighbor
Common in a century
If man not perish

The most contagious
Of all joyous emotions:

Most pesonally
Power-filled words one can say:
"I certainly can!"

Most crippling facet:
Turn failure to disease of
Self-serving excuses

Most powerful force
To give and receive in life
Is one's heart-felt love

The most dangerous
Person: a gossip; their tongue
A deadly weapon

The worst thing to be
Without is hope; the greatest
Asset to have: faith

In the world, the most
Endangered species: leaders
With dedication

When someone is down
The greatest shot-in-the-arm
Is encouragement

To lose self-respect
Is the biggest detriment
To feeling content

No one has power
To dictate another's acts
Makes for unearned guilt

Poets on this site
Are a rainbow of beauty
Delight to my heart.

by Joree Williams

Top Poems - Choka   The Choka is an unrhymed poem of varing length; the lines must alternate syllabic counts of 5 and 7. This rule applies to lines WITHIN a stanza-but does not have to be consistent when going from stanza to stanza. it must end with a couplet of 7,7.

Betty Keck.... aka: Bethie

Betty is a retired Church Secretary living and writing poetry in Texas. Aside

from writing poetry Betty also loves reading and gardening.. Betty has been

a very active member since joining,,and her insperational and often incredibly

moving poetry has been a joy to read,,,thank you Betty for your support,

and for sharing your beautiful poems,,,,


"Flowers on a Hill"

Amidst shades and hues
of pink, red, yellow flowers
sweetness running through

Should I pick them? No, never
Soft clouds overhead
Shading the warmth of the sun

Beautiful blue skies o'er me
On a grassy hill, I sit

by Betty Keck

Helen...aka: helen019

Helen is an insurance agent from Warrington, Pa and has been a member of soul asylum for only a short time,,but her poetry is already getting rave reviews,,

Helen is helping to create our bi-weekly newsletters also,,, This multi talented

woman loves Travel Gardening,, casinos,,and yes Poetry!!!!

With ev’ry heart beat
there comes a price to be paid
And paid it shall be.

For when the Lord grants us life
He yearns for goodness
And expects no less from us.

When the faithful heed His word,
They carve a path to heaven.

by Helen McManus

Nanci Rubin:

Nanci is a southern girl stuck in the wrong time frame" I should have lived before the civil war" she says,,,Living in Frederickson Va Nanci loves reading writing gardening and cooking,, a poet,,,

The Gift

Snow capped mountains
pregnant surging streams in spring
wild Rhododendron
fuchsia flares along worn trails.

A free gift from God to us
enjoy, preserve, protect it.

by Nanci Rubin


Lou...aka: YohYoh

a Nana to fourl grandsons. She has been writing poetry for only about two years, but has found it intoxicating and exhilerating.

Nature's Song

In dread, trees shiver
Storm clouds gather overhead
Whispering wind speaks
Wildly of malcontents

Sparkling sunshine can
No longer thaw frosty chills
Even powerful
Mountains are rumbling in fear.

Storm clouds continue to build
All plants and creatures quiver.

Top Poems - Sedoka The Sedoka is a rigid style of unrhymed, one 6 line stanza poem. The syllable count is 5,7,7,5,7,7.

Betty Keck.... aka: Bethie

"Dangers at Sea"

Hiding in eerie
ghost-like lighthouse, specters call
echoing over the waves

Once proud sailors steer
through the rolling mist, shrouding
silent death from fog-bound ships


Ken Cowle's Avatar

Kenny.... aka: Ken Cowle

Kenny is a published author, site founder, publisher, father, and grandfather and owns a dog named Boo (short for Boogaloo).  A kind, passionate man to which we all owe a great deal.   


passionate kisses
tickling my lively buds
cotton candy carousel
causing excitement
intoxicating moment
finish euphoric


Top Poems - Haiku   Haiku is considered to be 5,7,5 syllable lines and is about the four seasons but can be expanded to include nature and natural things.


Carl... aka: CHG 

Carl is also a published author (you can find his delightful book in our bookstore!).  He is married with two beautiful children, is a businessman by day and a poet by night!  He lives in the UK and often regales us with his British humor, manner of speech and stunning poetry.

~~Springs Delight~~

Spring time, pure delight
Summers end to Autumns fall
Bringing Winter strife.

Top Poems - Senryu   The senryu is 5,7,5 lines and can be about anything. The 3,5,7, family is about anything and the lines can be 5,3,7 or 7,5,3, or 7,3,5 or any other variation.


Leslie.... aka: Shaunmom

Among her hobbies - singing, playing the violin, and my family - Leslie is a master poet!  Her specialty (as you can see) is the abbreviated form.  She lives in Oregon with her son and Leo the dog (don't tell Leo he's a dog, he doesn't know it yet!)

Chalk white bones bleached
sun harsh burns all remnant flesh
desiccating life

Pami.... aka: Pamibear

Pami lives in Arkansas and is married to a wonderful man named Andrew. They have three furrpurrs and love God!   Pami writes all types of poetry about everything, and excels in spiritual poems as well.

this is one senryu from a wonderful poem called Contamination.

Words shatter the soul
Breaking hearts, minds and spirits
Like weapons...


Top Poems - Tanka   The Tanka is a 5 lined unrhymed poem similar to the Haiku and is of nature

Leslie... aka: Shaunmom

Spring green leaves growing
secret each branch of thorns hide
bounty to grow soon

sour to sweet in one short month
Lush fruit of ripe black berry

Helen... aka: Helen019

hills flowing sweetly
sleeping majestic mountains
nature’s pristine view
water quenches thirsty rocks
as brooks meander throughout

Top Poems - Mondo The Mondo is a poem that poses a rhetorical question and then gives an illogical answer. It should be thought provoking.

Carl... aka: CHG

Why is nothing in this world straight forward? The world is a globe.


Top Poems - Lantern   The Lanterne is a syllabic picture poem-the poem should loosely resemble a Japanese paper lantern. One stanza, 5 lines (quintet), no rhyme, and the syllable count is 1,2,3,4,1. The Lanterne is to be written about the night or related subjects .

Pami... aka: Pamibear

Soft glow
Moon, pale gold
Supreme nightlights


We would like everyone who entered the workshops to know that it was a very difficult choice as there were some incredible poems,, thank you all for joining the workshops,,and Congatulations everyone!!!!




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