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Dee Bolden... aka... stormymoonwind
Poet, Artist

Dee writes under the pen name StormyMoonWind and resides "in the Cajun Heartland, where nights are steamy and hot and the winters can be compared to Autumns."

StormyMoonWind writes about what she believes to be true and honest issues...love, past loves, and imaginative compositions, but you be the judge!

"Fortune to all Poets on their path to words." Dee's interests include, "Soul Asylum Poetry and The Poets Workshop" writing poetry and Art, and Dee considers her occupation to be life experiences and praying for her friends.

stormymoonwind..aka..Dee Bolden profile at soulasylumpoetry.com read poems at Soul Asylum Poetry

We are so happy to have StormyMoonWind here with us at Soul Asylum Poetry.  She has only been with us for a short time, but many have known Dee for quite sometime as she is very active in the poets world.  She is a member of several writing groups.

An Artist as well StormyMoonWind is a woman of many talents, to read some of Dee's poetry please click on the link below.  Be warned!  Once you have read her you will not want to leave!

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