A Spotlight Presentation

This show runs two hours.
Press the Play button below and enjoy!

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Asylum for Your Soul Show
Special Presentation

Our Poets' Spotlight Show - All New for 2014
Highlighting 3 amazing poets, all with new books on the way, and one with a new book just released!!!

The Poets... Ann Carruth Donoghue, Margaret Werner, Dennis John Ferado

The Music: Allie Carroll, Katerine Stella, Jann Klose, Imagine Dragons, Julian Lennon, Beatles, Blue October, Danger Mouse, Embee Normann, Her Space Holiday....

and many more...

This is the show that had technical difficulties during first play from Whistle Radio on April 8, 2014. Runtime is two hours.
We invite your comments on the play quality as we attempt to use audio compression that reduces demands on your internet bandwidth to play.


Hosted and Produced by Ken Cowle.

Various shows sound editing*: Charlie Ross, Colin Altschul
* Showcase web page plays are highly compressed to conserve bandwidth.
To enjoy the shows in their original quality - listen live online,
Tuesdays from 9 p.m. to 11 a.m. and Sundays 1 a.m. to 3 a.m., EST.
Played at Whistleradio.ca

Thank you to all of the poets and musicians sharing their work with us, and
to all who help with the shows, and with other aspects of Soul!

Thank you also to all of the members of Soul. Without you there would be no soul to Soul!


DoubleK Records - Recording and Distribution for Indie Artists

Looking for representation, distribution and recording of your talent? DoubleK Records is a division of Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Inc., and we give the same care and respect to your creativity that has made us the choice of indie performers from folk to heavy metal bands.

Give us a call 905-722-7743

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