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S D McDaniel
Poet and Author Workshop Co-ordinator and Teacher, Published

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I wear many hats - wife, mother, crafter, writer and poet, and I prize each and every one of them! Poetry is my passion, and I get my inspiration from nature, the world around us, and the love of family and friends.

 I live in the beautiful state of North Carolina, with my loving husband Scott, and my two adorable sons,

Vincent, age 6 and Devon, age 4. I belong to two fabulous international writing groups, the Decadent Lotus Society, and the Inner Circle of Poets, a non profit group of gifted writers for a cause....

   Storm has been with Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing since our beginning.  Storm is an asset to this site not only for Her incredible poetry and depth,, but also volunteering her time as the workshop co-ordinator and teacher, she has helped to lift the level of writing for several members. To read some of Storm's poetry please click on the link below,,and please do not forget to get your copy of Storm's new book .....

Wandering Through Paradise: musings of a nomad,

S D McDaniel's first publication is sure to be an artistic addition to anyone's poetic library! This collection contains twenty years worth of observations, visions and creative works.  Poems written with a rich, robust flavor, one reader describes S D McDaniel's works as

 "delightful... it's like eating cheesecake!"


books at Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Wandering Through Paradise by SD Mcdaniel

$18.95 CAD

$16.30 USD

SD McDaniel a poet and teacher, has been a member of the Soul Asylum Poetry Site since its begining, setting up the onsite, writers workshops and teaching several of the writing classe.

Here is a little sneak peek.....


Wandering Through Paradise SD Mcdaniel at Soulasylumpoetry.combookstore book by SD Mcdaniel
Friendship Candle

Hold a candle
In your heart, my friend,
A flame,
Outshining the sun.
A glow of warmth
In your eyes, my friend,
Twinkling mischief
To everyone.
Hold the light
In your hands, my friend,
As gently as your own.
A fire of strength
in your mind, my friend,
Tempered longer
Than all we've known.
So, hold a candle
In your heart, my friend,
A flicker
Brighter than stars above.
Hold a candle
Of love, my friend,
Your very own
Candle of love.

Wandering Through Paradise..musings of a nomad by SD McDaniel at www.soulasylumpoetry.com


Take Me Back

Take me back to fairest of times,
When dragons fought,
Sovereignty reigned.
When maidens were pure,
Gentle and kind,
Men battled, died, for lord's ordained.
Take me back to magical times
With kingdoms grand,
Knights ,hallowed and hailed.
Royalty ruled, tended the land,
The loyal rewarded,
When proved not to fail.

Take me back to mysterious times,
When wizards cast spells;
Potions ran wild.
Peasants saw visions, nobles dreamed,
Kings were courageous,
Their queens, so mild.
Take me back where I may see
Where unicorns ran
And princesses dined.
Renaissance life, where I wish to be,
Please, take me back
To a pure, simple time.

You can also find Storm in our first collection,,Whisperng Souls...the best for 2006 from our Poets,,,,

Whispering Souls

169 pages perfect bound $19.99 CAD

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