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Antoinette Denise Johnson.aka Angelwowings


Alice Stevens aka  Ladylongfellow 


Betty Keck


Carol Digou

Carl Grocock

Christina R Jussaume

Cookie Arnold

Daneen Dustin

Darlene Fogel

Dee Anne Blades

Denise DaCosta

Don Andre aka dmandre

DonnaLynneTanner aka Lassiebaby 

Elizabeth Maureen Marquez

aka Quarter Moon


Emilia Nikola Young

George Anne Smith aka Beticantoo

Helen McManus aka Helen019

Howard Simms


Jann S. Richards

J Elwood Davis aka Raindance

Joan Bray ... aka Rebel Jo

Joe Hartman ... aka Joebirdies

Johnny Poetic

Joree Williams

Kathleen Stiles... aka Kathleen

Kathleen Charnes Zvetkoff aka Lucky90250

Kenneth William Cowle

Leokadia Durmaj...aka undercoverangel

Leslie Ann Lindsay

Margaret Hefferman

Mary Griffin Frese

Mary Rehling aka Creating thee Moment

Marne Sayre

Mystic Wolf aka Kerry L Marzock

Michael.J.Hawks aka The King Of Darkness

Nan DeNoyer-His Fragrance

Nanci Rubin

Pamela Jane Tennant aka Pamibear

Patricia Ann Farnsworth Simpson

Paulette Kosak

Raymond Anthony Anderson

Richard A Rousay...aka Rickarou1

Robert L Huntsman

Ronnie Enoch-Godschild  

S D McDaniel

Stephen Charles long

StormyMoonWind aka Dee Bolden

Susanne M Psyris

Texasgal aka Cari Nelson

Virginia Soileau

Warren Anthony Brown

Yoh Yoh...aka Lou

Yvonne Marie Crain aka..dycrain

Ralph Zimmer


Catherine Bowman

Daneen Dustin

David C Lawton

Denise DaCosta

Kathleen Stiles

aka Kathleen

Kenneth William Cowle

Leslie Ann Lindsay

Margaret Hefferman

Melanie Parkes

Mystic Wolf 

aka Kerry L Marzock

Richard A Rousay...aka Rickarou1

Rupert Banzambanza

Kathleen Charnes Zvetkoff aka Lucky90250


Arlene J Rash

Andrew Dorland

Charles Ross

Dee Anne Blades

Ellie Thorel



Jessica Lark

Marne Sayre

Rupert Banzambanza




A Blessed Tragedy


Black Chapel


Carolyn Southworth

Carlos Budd Ford

Calling Out Closer

Deeply Confused


Dog Bite Money

Edges of Seven



Erin Hunt






Freddy Will

Grace Brosius

J Minus

Jami Brenner

Jacqueline Rose

Jari Ylamaki


J Elwood Davis

John Nathaniel

Julia Othmer


Kaleidoscope Eyes

Kristin Ditlow

Maggi, Pierce & E.J.



Nick Flavell

Only Human

Paul Kurrey

Peter de Jong

Phil Kerrigan



Rebecca Stephens

Rikki Tachman

Romantic Traffic

Rock Scarz Magazine


Sharon's Friends

from Infloat Baby

Stephen Charles long

Soul Harp

The Lonely Shizophrenic

The Velvet Goldmine

The Wyrd Sisters


Veronica Ballestrini

Without End

White Island

Zabeth Dkos





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If you check under Artists Profiles, you will find a lot of information about most of our members: Poets, Novelists, Children's Writers, Artists, and Musicians.

If anyone doesn't have a profile there, let Kenny know, by emailing him at or call toll free 1-866-902-6655, and Ken will help get you profiled!


Our Show has been picked up! ASYLUM FOR YOUR SOUL - RADIO HOUR

Whistle Radio and Soul Asylum Poetry,,,

Our show is on the FM dial with Whistle Radio. All of the authors of Soul should be proud and excited with this new venture. Our show will now be a weekly show, airing every Tuesday night at 9 pm eastern time. The one hour show will continue to be a mix of poetry and stories, written by the poets and writers of Soul Asylum Poetry, with a wonderful mix of music from unknown, and up and coming musicians. We are now producing several shows at once to have many ready to fit the needs of Whistle Radio. So if you have a piece you would like to hear read on one of our shows, or if you have any recorded music, or know anyone with recorded music, please send us your MP3, and we will work you into our shows. A wonderful opportunity to expose your talents to a whole new audience!

You can listen to our programs through the internet by visiting at show time and using the station's player to enjoy the performances at 9 p.m. Tuesdays and repeated at 1 a.m. Sundays (the wee hours)

This Month's Artist Profiles!

Ellie Thoral Artist at Soul Asylum Poetry.

  Born in Trinidad and having spent her early years in Jamaica, Eleanor has developed a taste for the unique.  Her love for beauty and affinity for nature has woven its way into her paintbrush and pen. 

  Initially, Eleanor studied Illustration and Animation at Sheridan College.  After working in the field of Animation for three years, Eleanor decided that it was through painting that she could best fulfill her expectations as an artist.   

  After moving up to Muskoka, Eleanor worked for Mike Hussey, a wildlife sculptor, as an assistant and in 1990 sold her work out of Mike’s showroom.  After his encouragement, she opened up her own studio where she sold her work. 

   Due to family commitments and her son’s health challenges, Eleanor went back to school and pursued a career as a registered nurse and received her Bachelor of Science in nursing.  During this difficult and busy period Eleanor spent her spare time in reflection and journaling.

   Eleanor has recently taken up her painting again and divides her time between work commitments, volunteering on a board for a children’s treatment centre and supporting her son’s endeavors. Ellie is currently working on the illustrations for a Children's book by Leslie Ann Lindsay titled," Brokenwing The Faerie". To see Ellie's profile and some of her art click on Ellie's image.

Jessica Lark highlight at Soul asylum PoetryJessica lark Artist.

 My Name is Jessica Lark, I am a wife, mother, photographer, and artist, usually in that order.  I studied art at Moore College of Art and Design, Lycoming College, IUP, and AIOnline, and have won several scholarships and awards for my work.  My personal photography focuses on Body Painting, for clients it’s usually fashion and head shots and wedding photography.  You can view my work at


 I am not yet half the person I know myself to be capable of being. I am
feminist and ferocious, I am an artist, and love being so because it allows
me to create, and creation is the opposite of War. The greatest thing I have ever created are my Beautiful children. I believe that War is only the embodiment of frustration between two who would rather oppose than compromise.

  I think that empathy, compassion and forgiveness are the greatest gifts we have to share with each other. I am very strong in my
beliefs and am unshaken in my sentiments of certain subjects but always try to hear and understand other sides. I think that in general our society is incredibly blessed for our freedoms and rights and that we have lost our sense of fight, we have progressed much and are now comfortable to simply complain but not take action. I believe that every single person in this world, regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, or gender deserves the same freedoms, rights, and the chance for their voice to be heard, and their story to be told. I think that we can not begin to comprehend the suffering and tragedies that affect other parts of the world, but if we genuinely opened our eyes and hearts it would enable us to see our own blessings and not be so detrimental to our own happiness. I hope to one day change the world.

 We are very happy to have Jessica join with us here at Soul; an incredible artist, with a soft soul and touch, if you would like to see some of Jessica's artwork click on Jessica's photo to go to her profile.


Some Great Titles From Soul Asylum Poetry Can Be Found at our Books Boutique!

Click the Book to go to our Books Boutique. Limited time left to save 25% off all titles. book at Soul Asylum Poetry

Coming Soon To Our Bookstore!

Other Titles coming soon!

Still in design, so no covers to show yet, but soon!

The Adventures of Willy The Monkey

by Kathleen Charnes Zvetkoff

(in illustration stage with artist Andrew Dorland)

Coming Soon, in perfect bound, 11" x 8.5" full color!

Brokenwing The Faerie

by Leslie Ann Lindsay
illustrated by Ellie Thorel

(in proof stage )

Now Available
Sunrise, Sunsets over Mexico and Dakota

by Emilia Nikola Young

Bedtime Treasures

by Margaret L Hefferman

(heading in to illustration stage soon!)

Now Available
Where Darkness Reigns

Michael J Hawks ( King of Darkness )

Winter Butterfly by Kathleen Stiles

to be illustrated by Jessica Lark

The Four Seasons

by The Authors of Soul Asylum Poetry a collection of short stories!

(will go in to format in April, and release forms will be sent to all the authors - sorry for the short delay)

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