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Kenneth William Cowle profile at music profiles, CD Books, Writers Profiles, Publishing Recording, all at Soul!Ken Cowle is a proud father, and grandfather first, poet publisher and promoter second.

Leaving home at an early age to learn about life and to find himself, Ken met many obstacles along the way, and always felt the poet within. Writing songs and poetry throughout high school, Ken put aside the writing at the age of 20 after his daughter Crystal was born. Work and raising a family becoming top priority. Ken did not pick up a pen again for 20 years, not until Crystal moved out on her own.

Now Ken spends his time writing publishing and promoting writers artists and musicians, as well as spending time with his family.

Books by Ken that can be purchased through Soul Asylum Poetry's bookstore

           19.99 CAD              19.99 CAD               14.99CAD                    19.99 CAD

        Cajun Moon a journey through time,,by Kenneth William Cowle      Ocean's of Love, by Kenneth William Cowle, and Diana K Nichols      "Harold Can't stand to be Alone" childrens book by Kenneth William Cowle,,,your kids will love it,,and it will help them learn to read,,,      Whispering Souls a Soul Asylum Poetry anthology,,available through Barnes& Nible,, Baker & Taylor Ingram books and here at the Soul Asylum Poetry book store,,,

 Ken's first book Cajun Moon a journey through time was published just one year ago,, A collection of poetry covering a lifetime of events,, filled with love romance, and faith,,,this book will be a sure pleaser,,,having sold very well in just it's first year...

 The second book "Oceans of Love" is a co-written book, by Ken,,and Diana K Nichols,,who also designed the book cover.. This book is a collection of poems solely dealing with Love,,a sort of he said she said in poetry form,, beautiful romantic and often times down right funny,,,a must for any collection.

 Ken's third book and one he is very proud of is"Harold Can't Stand to be Alone" Ken's first children's book,,, In a large format 8.5" X 11" with large colorful illustrations provided by Artist Andrew Dorland is sure to be a hit with your kids,, The story about the family puppy Harold who has been left home alone for the day,,,what trouble will Harold get in to,,what fears will arise,,,With big bold print this makes for a fun early reader,,,

The fourth book is a collection put together by Ken with the help of Soul Asylum Poetry and the wonderful, talented poets on the site...  "Whispering Souls" is Soul Asylum Poetry's first anthology,, the best from our poets for 2006,,you will find the poems of many published poets in this book,, Kerry Marzock,,("Ravens Way" ), Marne Sayre, ("Fairy Tales & Mermaids"), Joree Williams ("Poetic Thoughts), SD McDaniel ("Wandering Through Paradise") and many many more,,as well you will find some poems from up and coming authors such as Donna Tanner, Kathleen Zvetkoff, Helen McManus,Emilia Nikola Young, and Jim Davis, there are just too many to mention,,, you will find a few of Ken's never before published poems in this book,,,

Ken has a fifth book the second in the series of Harold books. "Harold Finds a Friend"

As Harold's adventures continue, with Andrew Dorland providing the illustrations in full color. Harold ventures out in to the world and finds a new friend!

To purchase Whispering Souls, or any of Ken's books just click on the books above,,and don't forget to look at our store for other great authors and titles,,,,,

Promotional Appearances by Ken for Soul Asylum Poetry
and its authors
Soul Asylum Poetry has been actively promoting all our author's titles through press releases and now via television appearances. See our Press Release page for updates and sample video clips from a September 2006 appearance.
Maybe you can get some ideas and inspiration from this to promote yourself at a local level for experience before you "go big".

January 24, 2006 - Reading and Music Evening with guest musician

Ken and Charlie put together an evening at the local art gallery, including a guest musician to broaden the attraction for people who may not want to come out solely for poetry. We think this is a great way to go. The author doesn't have to carry the whole night.

Special invitations were sent out to local people like the Mayor and other politicians, the local paper's editor (who brings a camera) and notable people in the area who have some influence and like to promote the arts.

Posters were also put up around town and calls and e-mails sent. It didn't hurt that the local paper ran a half page story on Ken and Soul Asylum Poetry just days before the event. This drew some people and also generated phone calls asking Ken about the publishing business.


The first time we tried this a month previous, it was too close to Christmas and there were just 10 people, mostly acquaintances. But every experience teaches you something. It was still a rush promotion in our opinion, with just over a week of preparation time, but the turnout this time was about 27. We asked them to sign a guest list, had refreshments and stayed to chat and answer questions. The book sales were nice but the point is also to get noticed and impress the folks that you have talent and want to share.
Here are some pics from the evening. Click on any pic for a larger view.

Reading Poetry With guest David Rankine Ken and Charlie

February 10, 2006 - Book Signing session at Chapters, Newmarket, Ontario

This was neat because we met several people that had obviously heard of Soul Asylum Poetry or Cajun Moon. They either expected a reading or were interested in talking about their own interest in book publishing. Basically it started with Ken approaching the head manager of the store and persuading him to book a time for book signing. The store offers this to several authors on a regular basis but they have limited quotas to take new books on consignment. You should come across as confident and on the ball to persuade them you have a book that won't just be left to gather dust. We got the Friday night before Valentine's Day so the idea was to tie in Cajun Moon as a romantic gift for someone special. The management provided a table and chairs very near the entrance. Ken and Charlie were going to decorate it for Valentine's, but I guess being "guys" they refrained from going too cutesy on the table.

Ken would sign each book for the buyer and it was placed in a gift bag along with some chocolates and heart shaped pins and candies. Cajun Moon beat the odds and exceeded the average sales figures for a poetry book signing. It helps to be  outgoing and approachable. The cover got several compliments - congrats to the designer Diana K. Nichols.

Chapters Storefront Ken and shopper Amanda Ken signing book

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