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Barbara Fidler Profile..aka impassionedpoetess at www.soulasylumpoetry.com One of the authors of The Baker's Dozen

Being an impassioned poetess; I write harmonious quill’s of love, romance, passion and heart’s desires. I was ever so inspired of this given path to poetry writing while caring for my late father, stricken with Alzheimer’s disease. Although I lost him at the tender, elder age of 77; the sweet, precious and tenacious moments we shared together were priceless to say the least. The many moments, days and last years spent meant the world to me, endearingly so indeed.

Poetry sang joyously to me one day while sitting at the computer; a pop-up add appeared asking me to enter a poetry contest; not being able to erase this annoying pop-up, I quickly penned my very first poem entitled “Musical Boxed Dancer”. I also design and create music boxes as a hobby; this title came to me ever quickly indeed (hence the poem’s said title). Presently I possess over 500 poetically penned quills.


I have collected quite a wide and varied array of handmade music boxes, an art for which my late father also appreciated and inspired of me. His awesome jubilation to hear one each morning ‘pon awakening was my sheer delight too, always brought happiness to us both and heartfelt smiles. Ever since I lost my father, poetry became even more important to me. I personally feel to be able to open, express and let go of emoted words is truly a gift to be shared of a tender muse.

~Musical Boxed Dancer~

~My first poem, written the Summer of 2002~

Pretty little lady
dancing 'round and 'round
dressed up oh so lovely
the finest Lady in town....
Do you know not where you are going?
Just listen and you will hear
the music and the message

it's all inside my dear


Copyright 2006 Barbara V. Fidler


...Impassionedpoetess is also a co-author of her own mini-book
within "The Baker's Dozen", Volume One Edition, as "musical boxed dancer"
entitled "Treasures From My Heart"; along with 12 splendid and talented
poets from 'round the globe. Chief editor: Dr.Harris Cole Vernick; of "The
Cole Foundation for The Arts", co-editor: Maxene A. Alexander and
assistant co-editor: Vivienne L. Harding.

We here at Soul Asylum Poetry are very happy to have impassionedpoetess with us.  An elegant poet who's use of metaphor and imagery are amazing,, with an eloquent flare we are sure you will love to read some of impassioned's poetry,,, to read,, click the link below,

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Impassionedpoetes is also a wonderful artist,, She creates beautiful Music boxes,, Here are some for you to see,, if you would like to know more about them,, contact us with your email information so we can pass it on to Impassioned,,,

 These are just a few of the beautiful designs Impassioned has created,,, elegant jeweled music boxes,, from the jeweled hot air balloon to the mini heart ..... These boxes are not for sale this is something Impassionedpoetess just loves to do,,,,



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