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David C. Lawton        
Author, Novelist

David C Lawton Profile at soulasylumpoetry.com A Bountiful Adventure for sale here

     David was a Mechanical/Electrical consulting engineer who owned his own company in Newmarket Ontario until retirement in 1996. Prior to emigrating to Canada he served in the Royal Air Force and saw service in Germany and the Far East. Since leaving the Air Force he and his wife Jean have traveled extensively to many parts of the world and much of their experiences are contained within the pages of this novel. They celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary in 2006.
We are excited to have David with us, and we are sure you will love his book: A Bountiful Adventure.
Future releases by David will be released under Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing.

David Lawton TV appearance Rogers Daytime TVDavid just appeared on community TV, April 23, 2007.
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A Bountiful Adventure Novel by David C. Lawton Sutton Ontario Canada

Abstract: A cross section of seven affluent couples decide to take a cruise aboard a state of the art luxury schooner leaving from the South Pacific island of Tahiti to retrace the historic voyage of Fletcher Christian and mutineers of the HMS Bounty to Pitcairn Island after they had set Captain William Bligh and some seamen adrift in an open boat. These privileged people are about to experience challenges and hardships they could never have foreseen. Facing these tests of endurance they discover much about each other and come to realize their place in the universal order of things. This is an entertaining swiftly moving adventure story of sailing and romance with a surprising twist.

"This novel entertained me with the same style as a book
by Alistair MacLean I had recently read.",
Charlie Ross, Soul Asylum Poetry website tech and marketing.

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