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2007 Contest Winners!

  We would like to extend a Congratulations to all of our 2007 contest winners, and much thanks to all who participated with this years contest, and all who help with making it happen here at the Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing site! Bravo! With more entries, and an amazing quality of pieces, it was a joy to read through the many incredible entries. Outstanding writing and emotion displyed throughout.

Contest #1

Our 2007 Grand Prize Winner


Winner of a complete publishing package!

Angelwowings Contes Winner Soul Asylum Poetry www.soulasylumpoetry.com

Love You To Death

The first time he hits you isn’t the first time he’s abused you.
First he called you names, controlled and verbally misused you.

You think it’s cute that he wants you all to himself,
That is until, you somehow totally lose yourself.

Look in the mirror, unrecognized reflection,
For true love, you’ve mistaken deception!

He does not love you; he’s just a control freak!
To make himself feel stronger, he makes you feel weak!

So weak, that you’ve lost all your self esteem!
Where is the love now?…merely a pipe dream.

But he’s just a sociopath, who just loves to charm.
Wait until he kisses, you while twisting your arm!

Wait until he pushes you into the tub on your back!
Wait until you land so hard you feel your tailbone crack!

While you’re on the phone talking to 9-1-1!
He boldly puts to your temple a loaded 45 gun!

Trust me, it’s not cool begging and pleading for your life!
To the man who asked you to “lovingly” be his wife.

The honeymoon is the “I’m sorry’s and “See what you made me do’s”
Only until the next time he blackens and blues you!

Please, for your children, you have to plan to get away!
The cycle will just continue if you decide to stay.

The kids will grow up and think that love hurts-
Falling in love with someone who treats them like dirt.

You must plan, save some money, pack a bag!
Hindsight is 20/20, you saw the red flags!

His subtle manipulation “Baby stay home with me tonight!”
With full blinders on you sweetly say “Alright.”

Don’t just wait around for him to suddenly change.
Before then, you’ll find out he’s completely deranged!

Please make an escape plan without him knowing,
Or six feet under is the only place you’ll be going!

By angelwowings
Copyright ã 2007


If anyone who reads this is in an abusive relationship, please get help. You don't have to stay in a situation
that is dangerous to you and/or your children. Plan
to take action, get help.~I did it!~It Can Be Done!~

2nd Place Winner

Raymond Anderson

Growing Up

                                      A stone among the woodlands, the middle child of a trio.
             Wrongs held on jewel crested thrones.
                The truth dangles from rusted scaffolds.
                          The lack of attention from self centered people.
                                     The song of rain drops becomes dialogs of a companion.

The last domino to descend.
                   On a conquest to find that long lost friend.
                 The after effects from a Jaivana Cannon.
                             Refuge is taken in dark corners of clothes closets.
                                                                 The account is all but closed, months of insufficient withdrawals from no deposits.
                                                                    On a wooden dresser is a snow globe, which provides a fantasy of a carefree day.
            Amplified voices and shattered glass.
                                 Profane languages and tumbled steps in the hallway.
                                                          Broken eggshells in an omelet, the release from pent up gas and vomit.
                Deceased cockroaches in the bath tub.
                               A child of unknown identity, failed days of amnesia.
Where was my love?


by Raymond Anderson

3rd Place Winner

Carole Cookie Arnold

Carole Cookie Arnold Contest Winner

A baby rattle among the reeds

Curiously he opens the baby rattle to see
What miracle makes those sounds for me.
Amazed, when he beholds what's inside.
Holding out both hands side by side.

Unveiling seven tiny hardened seeds
Made from wood growing among the reeds.
Stands the tree from where the rattle came to be
Like seeds of the tree creating him inside of me.

The veil between Heaven and earth
Lifted, to give me God's gift, a son to birth.
Weaving him from His special cloth by hand
For a journey to fulfill His special plan...

You are God's gift to me
I give you back so you can be
Your part of the tree
from where the rattle came to be.

My Son

Copyright©2007 Carole Cookie Arnold

4th Place Winner

Alice Stevens


Take my house and take my farm,
and all the cattle in my barn.
But my memories let me keep,
For it’s those I treasure, not my sheep.

A child’s laughter while at play;
their tired smile at the end of day.
A little note my small son wrote -
“Mommy I found the button off your coat.”

So many days, that I recall,
when my children were young and small
The many stories that I read,
and lullabies sang before their bed.

One first day of May,
A lovely flower came my way,
“Mommy, my quarter would buy no more,
In that pretty Florist Store,”

Piano, violin, clarinet and homework too,
Kept them busy after school.
Swimming, parties and ice hockey fun,
And Oh! How tired when day was done.

A tiring day my daughter could see,
As she graciously poured me a cup of tea.
Memories of days gone by,
And Oh! How quickly time does fly.

These and more I vow to keep,
Carefully kept under lock and key.
The joy they brought me, is my treasure,
And their worth no one can measure.

Many came early, and many late,
But life does not give a second take.
Some etched in tears and some on lace,
Written on pages I cannot erase.

Alice I. Stevens /06


5th Place Winner

Rick Rousay Rickarou1

Rickarou1 Contest Winner

I Know That My Redeemer Lives

I know that my Redeemer lives

With every single fiber to the bottom of my soul
With every breath I take, that gives me life and makes me whole.
With every bit of strength my mortal body has to give
I proclaim with all my heart, I know that my Redeemer lives!

He lives in every flower that bursts forth in every spring!
He lives in every song that every bird will ever sing!
He lives in every rock, in every brook, in every tree!
He lives in all creations, that mankind will ever see!

He descended from His thrown to live among us as a man.
Being born of Virgin Mary, to fulfill His Fathers plan.
As a child he taught the elders in the temple of the Lord
As a man he healed the sick and to the dead life was restored!

In a garden He swet blood, as for each one of us He prayed
Shortly after by his disciple he was confronted and betrayed!
They marched Him through the streets to where my Lord was crucified
They hung Him on a cross where for all of us he freely died.

Men placed Him in a borrowed tomb and sealed it with a stone
Guarded by Caesar’s own soldiers, keeping the gravesite left alone.
Yet on the third day, death was beaten, and our Savior rose again
Bringing forth the resurrection, eternal life He gave to men!

Yes, with every single fiber to the bottom of my soul
With every breath I take that gives me life and makes me whole!
With every bit of strength my mortal body has to give
I proclaim with all my heart, I know that my Redeemer lives!

Imagination is only limited by the fear of using it! Dare to dream and open the door to the wondreous worlds of your own design. Look for my second book "Revenge of the Black Unicorn" to be on this sight shortly.


Rickarou1 Rick Rousay



6th Place Winner

Helen McManus


With eyes so full of many tears,

she whispered last goodbyes.

She new she ne er see him again,

and paused to question why.

How could an ever-loving God,

allow this pain and ache?

Could be, that this was all a dream,

or just some cruel mistake.

Lost in thought, she rode the train

and finally made it home.

She quickly went up to her room,

so she could be alone.

She paged through her old photos,

she with him in younger days.

He'd always been so very brave;

she loved his loyal ways!

A handsome guy in middle years,

she felt so proud of him.

He found two girls caught in a blaze,

and helped to rescue them.

His skin was burned beyond repair,

she wept in memory.

She gave permission to the Vet,

again, he now runs free...

by Helen McManus

  7th Place Winner

Leah Shie


The truth –the utter harshness of it
crashes through my chest
my delicate bones,
my heart –
splintered, shattered into a million shards
and shards they will be –
for if I ever recover – my heart will be like
better if it were stone
cold and dead.

Fragmented disengaged, homeless..
having to rewrite my story
a hope I clung to for years..
over…never existed really,
only in my pitiable imagination
fluctuating between insatiable desire and despair
now...just despair –
how could I not have seen
the truth of it
the illusion
so carefully constructed...
how blind
love can be
when we want
to believe.


by Leah Shie

8th Place Winner

Joree Williams



The Sirens sing to me of
Enthralled am I by their song.
Memories to recall like a river
Washing over me, drowning me.

Images creeping around inside my mind.
Unlocking doors, squeezing under barriers
Like little spiders scurrying hurriedly
Spinning their florescent webs to be found.

My soul cries out for
Caught in this web of remembering.
The images are like strangling strands
Binding me to an unwanted past

Away from the warmth and touch of loved ones.
Burdening them would be too unfair.
The conundrum is without them,
Fall will I into a state of unbeing.


by Joree Williams


9th Place

Daneen Dustin

Daneen Dustin Contest Winner Soul Asylum Poetry

Rock Me Through The Darkness

Momma I hear voices

and the thunder overhead it scares me so.

They tell me your in heaven

and they say that if I'm good that’s where I'll go.

They put away your pictures

Saying there just milk and honey to a displaced child like me,

But I hear black velvet voices In the lilac scented darkness

And it seems my mind is moving wild and free.

Rock me through the darkness momma

let this tired body sail in dreams.

Escape the pain around me

for I know somewhere out there an angel sings.

Knowing that forever’s never coming

But its never far behind.

Searching through the shadows

Hoping someday it will be your face I find.

Momma I saw daddy and the tears

that touched his eyes, have turned them red.

Oh momma won't you talk to God

And ask him to take someone else instead?

At least please won't you ask him,

if you can come and hold me one more time.

Take me to your home mom

Cause everyone here says its silver-lined.

Rock me through the darkness momma

Let this tired body sail in dreams.

Escape the pain around me,

for I know  somewhere out there an angel sings.

Knowing that tomorrows never coming

But it’s never far behind.

Searching through the shadows

Hoping someday it will be your face I find.

Rock me through the darkness momma

Let this tired body sail in dreams.


By Daneen Dustin



10th Place


SuccessPete Contest Winner Soul Asylum Poetry

Paint me a Picture

 Paint me a picture in my mind,

Of the friendly, gentle, soothing kind:

Transport me to some far off lands,

Where warm blue seas bathe soft white sands;

Where warmth and tenderness abound,

And greed and hatred can t be found!

Take me beyond my troubled dreams,

Through sparkling, ice-cold, mountain streams;

Through soft, luxuriant, swaying grass;

And a twisting, rugged, rock-strewn pass;

And over a mighty cataract s roar

To where the elusive Eagles soar!

Paint me a picture that will stay

Throughout a weary, noisy day

Beyond the shouts and incessant chatter;

The bustling traffic, and mechanical clatter

To where the world is free from harm –

To an oasis of plenty - tranquil, and calm!

Take me where the air smells sweet,

Trod only by sweet angels feet;

So gently bathed in sun s pure rays,

Where calming, peaceful music plays:

And there my soul will come to rest –

And feast on all that s Heaven s best!


By SuccessPete

Congratulations to all of our winners from Contest one, and all who particiapted thank you!

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