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Yvonne Marie Crain
Poet, Published Author

Yvonne Marie Crain Profile at Soul Asylum Poetry

I reside in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, California, U. S. A. and have called this home for over 50 years.  I am happily married for almost 33 years, step-mom to four, adopted mom to 1 and grandma times 10.  Animals are a very important part of my life and aid in maintaining a balance of sanity and are the muse for much of my poetry and short stories.

I received formal education in California; however, I find the continual informal education I receive as life changes is more valuable for expressive poetry.

A variety of jobs I have had through my life ranges from childcare to small business owner.  I currently am a retired business owner, but am an on-going poet, co-editor to “The Baker’s Dozen, Volume II” and a

co-editor to a currently underway book that will release and illustrate new styles of poetry to the field of literature and especially poetry.

Currently, I am a lifetime member of “The Order of the Eastern Stars” and the “International High I. Q. Society.”  My interests range from reading and writing small stories and poetry, collecting currency and coin, needlework and everything that falls in between.

Coming from a childhood of “children are to be seen and not heard,” the need to express myself took on the form of writing short stories.  The dictionary, paper and quill became my best friends, satisfying my need for expression.  In short, I became a language addict.

At the ripe old age of 12, I once again fell in love when I found the art of poetry.   I discovered the written word carries unbelievable power.  I, also, discovered that each poem is a gem unto its own; some are just a little more polished.  Within each poem resides a piece of the author’s heart and soul.

I love to write in a variety of styles from Prose and rhyme to syllable count.  I find inspirations from almost anything; igniting my desire to be playful or bring to light issues many prefer left locked in the dark.

A version of “The Year of the Child” can be found in an anthology entitled “Twilight Musings,” through International Library of Poetry.  A currently released book entitled “The Baker’s Dozen, Volume I” can now be purchased through the publisher, AuthorHouse or myself.  Dr. Harris “Cole” Vernick of “The Cole Foundation for the Arts” sponsored and edited Volume I.   He creatively introduced 13 poets, professional and amateur, to the literature world. At the same time each poet became an author by breaking up the book into mini-books, each poet retained their own title and section.  My section is entitled “Yvonne’s World of Poetry.” I , also, look forward to additional publications.

Yvonne mariee Crain aka dycrain profile at Soul Asylum Poetry

My personal beliefs of life are that a poet delivers a beautiful expressive story of man with all emotions; including love, faith and hope.  I believe miracles encompass our lives every day and with dark shades removed and the eyes opened wide, the miracles are easy to recognize.  It is important to live life to the fullest, as a lifetime is just a twinkle of God’s eye.  I am very passionate about poetry and have read and written thousands of poems.  I believe a bonded creation occurs between an author and reader when a poem is read aloud.  I believe in giving thanks when deserving.  My thanks I give to God for the gift He gave me.  I thank my husband, friends and other poets for their continual encouragement in developing this wonderful literature art form we call poetry.


Yvonne is a New member to Soul Asylum Poetry and she writes under the pen name dycrain... One of 13 poets in the new release "The Bakers Dozen" we are pleased to have Yvonne here with us a talented poet with a wonderful future,,, To read some of Yvonne's poetry register with the site and click the link below,,, you will not be disappointed

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