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Easter Poems from members.

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Radiant Embers

Forever Peace


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Easter Wishes to Everybody

Glorifying His Name in Heaven's High
Hearing Sweet Melody of Spirit cry
Opening our hearts to Planet of Love
Upon Wings of a snow-white Dove;
Promising to keep our souls pure
For him to cradle & hold secure
Bringing forth Lasting Love
of Holy Light from above.
Forever Peace
Forever Love

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Copyright 2004
by SueBeeHonee



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Lucky 90250



There was a bunny named Sonee
He granted dreams, but needed no money
Sonee came only on Easter
Never laid around on his kiester
And lived on peanut butter and honey

Sonee loves all tiny tots
He's foiled many unhappy plots!
Since this is his calling
To lift tiny spirits from falling
He's been spotted in the remotest spots!

On Easter, do keep your eyes peeled
Where he goes, is never revealed!
So be of good cheer
Know that Sonee is near
To give you the Lord's special shield!




His Fragance

My Messiah Lives! ~ Behold the Son of Man! ~ Senryu ~


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Behold the Son of Man
Glorious ~ Victorious

Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.

Blessed is He who comes
in the name of the Most High

Yahshua, the King

Born in a manger
He died on a cross He lives

Yahshua the King

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Kingdom without end
Glorious Victorious

Blessed is He who comes

His tomb found empty
Mary cried, “Where is my Lord?”

It is I, Mary

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I am so grateful Yahshua, for your presence in my life.

I am so grateful Yahshua, for your faithfulness to me.

I will always cherish you, Lord and your presence in my life!


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By Pami Jane Tennant

God, seeing deep into the future,
Yes, now even to this very day
Sent to us His one and only Son;
Here to Earth to show us the way.
To teach us about our Father
And His profound love for us
The Philistines cried: “Blasphemy!”
They preened and plotted with Judas
You know the rest of this story
How they tortured and crucified
God in the flesh, ne’er saw His Glory!
Many today say Jesus on that cross died…
Only a human man Holy, but not Divine
That His forgiveness was noble;
Still just a man not “The Holy Vine”.
But I believe the Word Of God
And the Word IS God, and so I know
That Jesus IS our Redeemer, our Savior
And with all my heart I love Him so!

Yes, I love Him, I’m not ashamed to say
Yes, I love Him, for He saved me that day
Yes, I love Him because He loved me first
Yes I love Him with such joy I could burst!

Because He let them beat and kill Him
In love He took all our sins that day
Fulfilling ancient and mystical prophecy
His tomb empty when the stone rolled away.
He is in His Sanctuary interceding for us
Oh how I love Him, God’s most precious gift!
Jesus my Lord, Jesus my King, my Jesus!
Over two thousand years ago today
They crucified and buried our Lord
Yet He’s ALIVE! In no tomb does He lay
Stand with me in worship, in one accord!

Yes, I love Jesus! He was Risen and is ALIVE
Yes, I love Jesus, for only in Him I thrive!
Yes, I love Jesus because He died for ME!
Yes I love Jesus for NONE is GREATER than HE!


Easter Sunday 


Spring officially here
winter clothes to the attic
bright colors appear.
Great cheer


No You can't wear that
it's cut down to here.
Yes the pink with the collar
is much better dear.


Those shoes are good after
we get home from church.
I know we forgot new ones
and your feelings are hurt.


The black pattern leather
will do just fine.
We aren't going to a fashion show
you won't be standing in line.


No, I told you sandals
will not do.
The black heel is lose?
Use some super glue.


So it's a bit cool
you won't need a coat.
Grand Mothers shawl will
will be all you want.


Some jewelry?
A necklace I suppose
The pearls!
No not one of those.


Not a chain
that hooks to your nose.
And no black hose
anklets, try those.


Oh my dear how pretty
you do look
Like a cover from a faerie book
And only a few suggestions it took.

by rebel jo


Sing to the Lord by shaunmom


Sing to the Lord with my song
all Earth and heavens belong
let voices be raised
his name be praised
sing to the Lord loud and strong

Sing to the Lord with my song
prophets of old sing along
now we do praise
our faith let it raise
Sing to the Lord loud and strong

Yeah tho Lord we seek thee now
let us sing of thy countenance, how
The Lion will rest
sheep at thy breast
sing of the glory and power now.

Yeah tho we walk, not strong
to thy kingdom we do belong
Easter is here
we feel thee near
Blessed son, in heaven thou belong.

Sing to the Lord with my song
all creatures do help it along
Jesus did die
then did arise
prophecy in the scriptures is strong

Sing to the Lord with my song
let heaven and earth proclaim long
we can be saved
the way Jesus paved
His sacrifice, for all does belong


Sing to the Lord with my song
Spring is here, winter gone
bless this earth
for all we're worth
sing of the Lord loud and strong

Sing to the Lord with my song
all Earth and heavens belong
let voices be raised
his name be praised
sing to the Lord loud and strong.

Sing to the Lord with my song
sing to the Lord with my song...
March 26th, 2007

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The Test


This morning dawned a bit overcast
Boogying with Chance I pondered my past.

Sauntering slowly into a stiff breeze
Was tremendously invigorating for me.

Half way to the corner Chance's prance
Quickly became much more like a dance.

In empty lot sat a brown bunny
With no where to hide, it felt funny.

More so with Robin and Blue bird
By his side where they all heard

"Say, look over there at what I see!
Gee do you see it too, Chancey?"

I said as a grin spread across my face
Causing any gloom to completely erase

Itself from my mind, but by now big Chance
Was getting fidgety and starting to prance.

So, off we went to continue our boogy
Wondering constantly about the birds and bunny.

On our return trip an enticingly sweet smell
Floated on breeze, however, I couldn't tell

What wonderful smell had made my mouth water
When blue bird suddenly landed on my shoulder.

Stuttering to a stop in front of robin and bunny
Honestly, quickly the day became quite sunny.

"How did you notice us sitting there?"
Asked the bunny while I shockingly did stare.

"I probably wouldn't have, had it not been for Chance,"
I replied to the bunny as if in a trance.

Blue bird and Robin chirped in excitedly
"Oh, my!" they said, "Perhaps she is fey!"

Thumping his foot bunny shushed the two
"Tell me young maiden could this be true?"

The little bunny queried suspiciously.
Giggling I tried to reply graciously.

"Though my grandma was Irish I doubt
That could be. “Causing Robin to shout,

"Aha!" I knew I remembered your spirit!"
Blue bird left my shoulder landing on rabbit.

Where a conference ensued over Chance
And me, while we took in with a glance

All the ruffled feathers and thumping of feet
It was an unusually wonderful exciting treat.

Then, as if it had never happened at all,
They disappeared but still we heard them call

"Thank you our faith in mankind you did renew
By passing the test we gave to quite a few.

Society is bent on trying to erase
The most holy of seasons we can trace

Back to the beginning of time it's true
Sanctified when Jesus died for me and you.

Celebrate the season please remind everyone
Reason for the celebration, God gave his only son.

by yohyoh


Easter Bunny Poem

Easter Bunny sneakin’ round the hen house,
Hoppin’ softly, tryin’ be quiet like a mouse.
Needs those eggs to fix for Easter mornin’.
Cause he needs to dye them eggs for adornin’
All the baskets for them sweet li'l children!
So many baskets, he needs ta be a fillin!
Quiet bunny don’t creak that there floorboard!
Those Mama hens be on you like a mad hoard!
They’ll peck your li'l bitty bunny ears,
Until you cry them great big ole bunny tears!
Finally, bunny steals all them Mamas eggs,
Runs away on quick hoppin’ li'l bunny legs.
A great big smile on his li'l bunny lips,
As to his Easter egg shop, away he zips!

Just having a little fun at a bunny's expense. I hope,

no matter what your faith or religion, that you enjoy this fantasy.

by marne


An Easter Poem


Standing there on Calvary,
She gazed upon his form,
Above them, clouds had gathered,
In an angry thunderstorm!
Her Mother's heart, was torn apart,
But inside she knew, the will
Of God almighty, must be served,
That day on Calvary Hill!

He cried, "Father forgive them,
For they know not, what they do"
As they scorned, and spat upon him,
The crowd chanted, "Kill the Jew!"
She knew his work was finished here,
His time on Earth was done.
He looked down from the cross, and said
"Woman behold your Son!"

Two common thieves, sent there to die
By trials, fair and just
One said, "if your the son of God,
Then save yourself, and us!"
The other said, "Forgive me Lord,
I know that I must pay the price"
Jesus said "Today you'll be,
With me, in Paradise"

A soldier near, then thrust a spear,
Into his near dead form,
Out poured a flood, of precious blood
In puddles red and warm!
Mary watched in horror,
As the light of life diminished,
Then Jesus took his final breath,
And he said, "It is Finished"

by raindance

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On Easter Morning as the sun begins to rise
Look East and you may see a delightful surprise.
Look hard and intent and a quick glimpse you will see,
of a vision skipping through the flowers and trees.
Long floppy ears flapping in time in the breeze,
Whiskers twitching as if ready to cause a sneeze.
Barely visible so quickly she moves among the trees,
secretly placing her colored eggs among the leaves.
Wearing a bright pink bonnet and a bright pink dress,
with her pink shoes, pink socks and belt to look her best.
Her pink basket banging against her thumping legs
creating a magical moment with bright colored eggs.

by cottonwood



My Easter Poem! By Patsimpson


Easter! Is when Jesus was crucified,
With His death on the cross now glorified.

By crucifix, painted images too,
All to portray death to me and you!

He suffered so terrible just so He,
Could wipe the slate clean for you and me!

At the time of death His last words were,
(In spite of the hurt and pain he bear)

“Forgive them Father; they know not what they do”
For His last thoughts were only of me and you!

Yes! Though He died so hurt and betrayed,
We know now why He wasn’t afraid!

For He knew He was rising to live again,
To where He'd never again see pain!

This showed that the way to rise above,
Is to think of others and give them love!

Now the best about Easter that I see,
IS, It was no accident he chose it to be!

Spring! The season that comes to bring life,
When everything blossoms like afterlife!

Spring that shows a little Heaven on Earth,
That comes to remind, death is new birth!

When all things dormant blossom and bloom,
In colorful splendor with lovely perfume!

New chicks, baby rabbits, lambs at play,
In fields full of clover every day!

Yes! This is what our Lord wants us to see,
When we think of His Son and the memory!

Of the crucifixion that He went through,
To show death’s not the end but life anew!

That all will rise with a Soul full of love,
To eternity up in Heaven above !



Jesus Has Risen by crj147


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Jesus Has Risen

Body rose on third day
He was seen leaving tomb
Stone removed on day three
His garments had been left
This was the prophecy


Body rose on third day
All that heard did rejoice
Halleluiah heard!
He would meet disciples
All did listen for word


Body rose on third day
Mary now felt some release
Her faith was very strong
This was what angel told
She now heard angel’s song


Body rose on third day
He met with disciples
Advice Jesus now gave
Thomas saw the nail marks
He sent them out to save


Body rose on third day
On Easter we rejoice
Choirs and people do sing
His spirit we do feel
Words of God I now bring

By Christina R Jussaume © copyright’2007’


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An Easter Blessing~

*As A Prayerful Encounter*

Whil’st th’ gracious hands of our dear Lord doth encompass,
a prayerful bequeathing, overtly an embellished Holy Mass.
Tenderly doth ye' refrain, embrace in humble, pious accord;
His heavenly, spent blessing, O! Doth dance with th’ Lord!
His hymnal-inspired song, doth ye' sing in appraise,
as whimsical symphonies ignite, sung ‘pon His dais?
A devout orchestra of medley's dost oft’ sweetly release,
whil’st th’ begotten Shepherd hast replenished our feast.
Ascertain His golden chalice; doth share in His given bounty,
harvests a brethren, anoints a blessing ‘pon our community.
Nourish ‘pon His kindness, doth welcome His loving grace,
as laurels of Posies doth entwine a melodic, soft embrace.

Copyright © 2007 B. Regina




by: His Hammer!


(Exodus 12 – Senryu Suite)


"I am the door; if anyone enters through ME, he will be saved." John 10:9
Why? Because He is the Passover Lamb that has shed His blood so that when we apply it to the doorposts of our heart, the Angel of Death passes over

Pronounce the judgment
No distinction -- all sinned
Where is redemption

In twilight slaughter
A lamb for every household
Sacrificial act

Life for Life demand
Deliverer will provide
Atonement for you

Innocence taken
Mark the doorframes with blood
Death-- come for firstborn

Execution stake
Nazareth man bears all sin
Implacable Love

Hear the cry this day:
"It is finished" -- for the blood
Declares: "PASSOVER"!

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A Polish Easter Celebration


On Easter Saturday

Preparation for the Easter Blessings begins,

I recall my mother waking early

To begin baking all of her treats for Sundays feast

But first a basket of food is lovingly arranged

Everyone in the family has a part to play.


The basket is decorated with green vine,

White linen is placed to line the bottom,

A small cake is baked for this special occasion,

Eggs are boiled in skins from brown and red onions,

Each family member then decorates an egg or two,

Delightful rainbow of colours now come to view,

Time to assemble all of the treats

To be taken to church to be blessed

Before you can eat.


Into the basket all the painted eggs go,

A small portion is placed of butter and bread,

Fancy containers filled with pepper and salt

A piece of smoked meat and a polish sausage

Oh what a treat this will be to eat,

Then scattered around little chocolate eggs,

A bottle of water now its complete,

A white linen cloth is placed on the top.


Proudly the family carries this basket to church

It is placed with all other baskets on the alter,

The top linen cloth is gentle removed

To expose all this wonderful food,

After fasting in preparation for Easter

The food now is blessed,

Prayers of thanksgiving for all this food is said,

Each family claims their basket of food back again,


Outside the children all run around

Gathering little treats from all the adults they meet,

Everyone exchanges wishes kisses and hugs,

You know there is love to share for one and all.


The day is complete by more baking and preparation of food,

Tomorrow the fasting ends and the feast begins,

Before family and friends sit down at the table to eat

All the blessed eggs are peeled and sliced into pieces,

Each person takes a small piece

Offers it to another with wishes and a kiss,

This continues until everyone has been blessed

All then sit down to a delightful feast.


By Leokadia Durmaj

Copyright © 14th  April 2006


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