Tambra "Tami" Ann Nelson-Ulizio

July 10, 1963 - April 9, 2000

Beloved daughter of Cari Nelson (Texasgal)

This will be a permanent memorial page for Tami.

Tami Nelson Memorial at Soul Asylum Poetry

Tami was family oriented. Nothing was more important to her. When she passed away she left a husband Shawn and three children, Shannon, Michelle and Michael. Plus her brother, DJ and me.


She loved her flower garden, tended to it daily, tulips were her favorite flower, along with all her colorful flowers. She had an envious green thumb.


She was left-handed, and I had told her as a child that a lot of artists are left-handed, so in first grade she began drawing cartoon characters freehand and I thought she had an artistic talent. She never followed up on that, I had wanted her to go to art school, but she wanted to get married, so I had no arguments there.


Tami had a flair for fashion and color and loved doing interior decorating, her home was warm and homey in the southwest motif, but she was always making beautiful changes.


Shawn and Tami were married almost twenty years when she left us.


She never could say "no" to a friend in need, no matter how put out it would put her, she never met a stranger, she would talk to anyone, she loved jokes and fun, she loved to laugh, her laugh is just like mine. She was such a happy girl it just made you feel good to be around her. She had such a happy and uplifting personality. She was not just my daughter but my best friend.


Not only was she beautiful on the outside, but her heart and soul were just as beautiful on the inside. She had no enemies except for the illness that took her away from us too soon at the age of 36.


She is now one of God's biggest helpers now, I just know it, He picked the right one for that job.


Rest in Peace and beauty my darling daughter.


Cari Nelson


Upside Down Rainbow

Lord, please bring me

an upside down rainbow,

if You choose
So I can lie in it

like a comfy hammock
And bask

in the warmth

of its beautiful hues
Soft to fit my body,

not like a cinder block.

If I may ask You too,

in a voice so low
For a big fluffy

white cloud for me
To rest my head

on a soft pillow
If You'd be so kind

to have it rain-free.

Not being pushy,

oh Lord, but I need something

to keep me warm

from midnight's chill
A blanket of Northern Lights

to cover, I plead
I hope these requests

You can fulfill.

And Lord

if I am not too bold to ask
May my four little angels

be with me on my Heavenly journey
I would never ask

such a tremendous task
I miss them

so desperately you see.

If You say my time on Earth

may be short
That's why

I put my orders in now
If You find me innocent

in Your Royal Court
May I enjoy

all that Heaven will allow?

You know, my Lord,

I have four angel babies
Who are up there with You now
If I am good, live for You,

promise me no maybes
For no one is promised another tomorrow.

Thank you Lord

for hearing my request
I promise You

 to always do my best.






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