In Loving Memory

Scott James Galinis


August 3, 1967

February 8, 2008 




Written by Mom with Love







We had a reunion for your passing

We all met at your sister Jennifer's house

All your children were present

I found your Father after 43 years.


You are your Fathers reflection

He met his grandchildren for the first time

I wrote a song for you and your stepsister

sang it for you, not a dry eye in the house.


I drew this picture to honor your life

You bloomed in so many hearts

I dedicate this picture to all of Soul

Who have kept your memory Alive!


My son, you are sorely missed

We are healing with time and feel you near

The songs name is The Call of the Angels

Now you walk with them and Heavens Star


We will all see you again one day

For now you live in our hearts

Still having a commanding presence

We find comfort knowing you are near.



Mom and Terry

Jennifer and Tommy

John and Marie

Tami and Scott

Angie and Jeff

Taylor and McKenzie

Kristy and Julie

Amanda and Josh

Sabrina and Crystal

Kaeleb and Sierra




 Loving Family

February 2010

Our Dear Poet Friend Carole Cookie Arnold and family, have suffered a great loss, Carole's Son Scott of 40 years has passed away. At this time of loss Carole will need all the support we can give, to her and her family.


This is a permanent memorial page for Scott

~On Alabaster Notes~

On alabaster notes, on wings of doves,
‘pon harp and lyre her Angels fly above.
Of lilacs and lilies ‘pon strands of prayer,
aloft a pious litany, mid His languid lair.
A sacral hymnal to comfort and bring peace,
to a beloved family and friends, a dear poetess.
A loving vesper to wane within humble accord,
O’ spent on gossamer wings, so swift His sword!
Tears of crystal rain lain deep within their hearts,
send His love and solace, as a soul dearly departs.
May his gentle Seraph be placed ‘pon eternal peace,
succumb unto th’ Angels voices in fields of white lace.
May sweet, bucolic fragrances wane in earnest flight,
and fly amidst th’ night in His pastoral, celestial light.
And may he be seated at th’ right hand of our dear Lord,
in atonement and grace, ‘pon his wings restored in accord.
Spent with abundant prayer on alabaster notes~


...x oxox....B...My heartfelt sympathy to Cookie and her family and circle of friends for the recent loss of her endearing Son prayer and song I dedicate this poem with humble regard and condolences are sent and spent on Angels wings in prayer and song for eternal peace, comfort and light~ ...xoxoxo Impassionedpoetess

Oh, what really sad news, Ken, this is my verse to comfort Carole in her sudden loss:

Trusting God in all situations
We all know it's so hard to bear
Your loss, Carole, so sudden
So shocking
Only the Almighty understands
How heartbreaking it can be
Please hang in there
Still trust God
In His Comfort; His Rest
In this time of acute pain
He will grant you sufficient Grace...

Please Take good care...
Your friend in pen,

What ever can one say to condole at times like this, except God Be with you Cookie Know he has your son in his arms and that he is fine, Look after yourself life as to go on until it is our time to join them... God Bless You My prayers are with you....So I will Put your name in my prayer book...

How very sad !! My prayers will go out immediately for Cookie and her family. Hell cat.

My deepest condolences go out to Cookie and her family at this time. I can only imagine the pain you're going through! My love and prayers are with them.Big Hugs to you and yours! ~God Bless You Cookie!~

Ken - Thank you for sharing the sad news about Cookie's son. No matter the age, the pain is devastating. My heartfelt prayers to Cookie and her family during this very difficult time. May God provide comfort ~ Hugs, Pam

I am so sorry for this mother's loss! My prayers are with Carole in this moment of grief and sorrow. I am a mother too and I would not want to see my son go before me. May God alleviate her pain. Blessings,


Thank you for letting us know this sad news about Cookie's son...
I can not imagine the devastation of losing a child.......
My heart goes out to her and her family.....truly heart breaking news...

Kenny, I am so sorry to hear the news of Cookies son! Such loss is never easy! I hold her deep in my heart and prayers! Smiles and hugs with love! Donna

My heart breaks at the news of Cookies' son. I can't imagine the pain of loosing a child. Thank you for letting us know the sad news and please tell Cookie she and her family are in my prayers. Take care. Love and blessings, Lou

Hi Ken. My heart is very heavy for Cookie right now. It is sad sad news and she will be in my prayers. Thank you. Love, Kath




to Cookie Arnold & family


Family weeping
Memories keeping
Loved one missing
Photo sharing
Poets caring
Mind deceiving
Despair seeping
Devil creeping
Never wavering
Good Lord’s favoring

Cookie, our thoughts and prayers
are with you and your family at this difficult time.
Keep the faith!~angel





I wrote this when my friend Glenda passed, I wanted to share this with you,, love Kenny



Feather Bed, His Grace
Minds control set to past display
Slipping back to that painful day
An eagle flew one soul set free
Falling tears weeping willow tree
Butterfly dreams lost in the night
Eclipsing sun blocks out the light
Life cut short leaving some to cry
Left alone Heavens Gate you fly
Silver lining a better place
Feather bed angel wings his grace
Eagle flew what a sight to see
Drying tears as your souls set free
Butterfly dreams one soul set free
Angel wings weeping willow tree
Eagle flew to a better place
Drying tears feather bed his grace

Kenneth William Cowle




Ralph Zimmer Memorial Cards, Flowers, Condolences to Althea ZimmerFLOWERS, CARDS & CONDOLENCES CAN BE SENT TO:


Cookie expressed her wish, that instead of flowers or cards she would like Soul to take any money and put it towards helping more writers get published. We will look at a contest later this year to do just that in Scott's name!




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