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Richard A Rousay...aka..Rickarou1
Poet, Published Author

Richard A Rousay at the Soul Asylum Poetry Playground, get your copy of Quest for the Troll Queen here at the Soul books and boutique

Raised in Arizona, as one of six children plus three step brothers. Richard fell right in the middle of all the ages. While growing up Rick would write poems and stories for the grade school news paper. Richard also kept busy with singing. In High school he was very involved with speech and theatre and won many state awards for oral interpretation. After high school Richard joined the Air force to see the world. While stationed in Virginia He met his eternal companion, Linda and they were married. "We now have 6 children and 14 grand children. I love to write stories for my children and grand children. For me there is nothing in this world more important than God and family. I love to write mostly about fantasy, 

Dragons and faerie's. Elves and goblins and such.  Trying to get my grand children interested in poetry I started writing fantasy adventures in rhyme. My first published book Quest for the Troll Queen is one such novel."

We here at Soul Asylum Poetry are very happy to have Richard with us. He has been a member since pretty near our beginning and His  poetry is adventuresome, and charming, with and entertainment value of 10 out of 10, smiles. To read some of Richards poems just click on the link below and let yourself go!!

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You will find some of Richards poems in the book Whispering Souls,, the best from our poets for 2006,,you will find the poems of many published poets in this book,, Kerry Marzock,,("Ravens Way" ), Marne Sayre, ("Fairy Tales & Mermaids"), Joree Williams ("Poetic Thoughts), SD McDaniel ("Wandering Through Paradise") and many many more,,as well you will find some poems from up and coming authors such as Donna Tanner, Kathleen Zvetkoff, Helen McManus,Emilia Nikola Young, and Jim Davies, there are just too many to mention,,, so to read some of Richards poems,,click on the book cover to order,,,,you will be thrilled that you did,,,

Cookie Arnold in Whispering Souls,,, an anthology from Soul Asylum Poetry and publishing,,,,

Richard also has a book of his own out, title Quest for the Troll Queen

Now available for purchase from our bookstore..


 The Quest for the Troll Queen is delightful, action packed fantasy for the entire family. Matthew stumbles across a hidden cave and enters to get out of the rain. There he meets the Troll Queen, (a dragon in disguise) and is sent on a quest to help battle an evil sorcerer and return the Troll Queen to power. Along the way he is befriended by Cleo, the Troll Queen’s daughter; and Squeekers, a talking squirrel.

 The trio journey from adventure to adventure, meeting many friends and enemies along the way. Staying just ahead of evil, Matthew realizes that there is much more to himself than ever imagined, and with the help of friends he is able to find the magic hidden deep within himself.

by Richard A. Rousay.
Illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier.

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