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Ralph Zimmer Published Poet Memorial 1946-2007 Member Soul Asylum Poetry and PublishingIn his own words:

  I was born 60 years ago and never dreamed of becoming a writer, let alone a poetry writer. But as we know, things happen as we grow older.  I had one lesson in writing poetry, while I was in the seventh grade of a Catholic grammar school.  That one lesson was 47 years ago, but I still remember it today, word for word as I was taught.

  I thought nothing of writing until I was teasing with some friends when I was in CB radio, and one night, one of my friends found out that his mother passed away.  I took all the clowning aside, and wrote my first serious poem titled Our Mothers, for him, but with all mothers in mind.  Since that day, 33 years ago, I have been writing seriously. 

  My writing is good, for a lot of people from the Soul Asylum, and from the old Poets Workshop where a lot of us came from, have said that I am good.

   So I went and took 100 of my poems and had them put to publication through Publish America.  The name of the book is The Essence of My Soul by Ralph F. Zimmer. 

The passing of a dear friend to so many, Ralph Zimmer’s passing occured on Easter Sunday, 2007. Ralph will be dearly missed by so many here at Soul as well as in the poetry community. This page will keep his spirit and poetry alive. Ralph was an amazing man, always in great spirits, and always wanting to lend a hand. You will be missed Ralph.

Blessings, Ken Cowle


This is a permanent memorial page for Ralph

We are encouraging as many members as possible to post a tribute poem for Ralph in the Challenges section of the playground.
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~A Soul Departs~

A  A soul departs on His enveloping, soft wing

S  Seraphim, pious, prayers doth wander and sing

O Opulent waves of gloriously, swept appraises

U Undulating sweetly 'pon His heavenly, Holy dais

L Lovingly, our hearts doth embrace and behold

D Dancing in accordance as His soul despoils

A As astral embellishments wisp in eternal glory

P Parting Ralph's poetically-versed, momentous journey

A Anointing fond blessings, gently resting His lilt throng

R Resounding; bucolic medley's abundant, heartfelt song

T Transverses the azure eventide whence a heart bespeaks

S Splendid arrays of spiritual orbs lovingly obtain His obligue

Copyright 2007 B. Regina

I pen this prayerful, acrostic poem for our dearly departed, loving, poet friend; Ralph Zimmer...May his soul be ascertained by our dear and loving Lord in atonement and gently guided through heaven's gate...Let us pray...May his poetic soul rest in peace; tho' always continue to sing in glorious song 'pon our hearts~...He will always be remembered as he hast touched so many of our lives with his lovely, penned, poetic verses...God Speed!...impassionedpoetess...xoxo...

Ralph Zimmer Memorial Cards, Flowers, Condolences to Althea ZimmerFLOWERS, CARDS & CONDOLENCES CAN BE SENT TO:


Mrs. Althea Zimmer
8514 W 95th St., Apt. 2-W
Hickory Hills, Illinois  60457



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Image above of Ralph, provided by Asa Gao


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