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Jan. 5, 2012 - Press Release. York Region News, by Heidi Riener
Grammy nod for Georgina Man - Full Article at York Region online HERE

Download a PDF version - HERE
A little child’s play with a grown-up message has garnered a second Grammy nomination for publisher Ken Cowle of Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing.
The Jackson’s Point poet, book and music publisher jumped at the chance to collaborate on a CD about bullying and has received a second Grammy nomination for best children’s CD in the process.
Mr. Cowle worked as a consultant on the 37-track disc, All About Bullies ... Big and Small.
Working several months with Steve Pullara of Cool Beans Music and other producers on the project, Mr. Cowle helped secure the rights for use of the Blue October song, Jump Rope, on the compilation disc. COMPLETE ARTICLE IN PDF

Singing praises of healthy food

CD targets childhood obesity

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Press Release !

Sharon Ruderham of the Inner Circle of Poets


The Scotsman Newspaper on line has published an article about Sharon and her involvement with the Inner Circle Group click below to read the article

Scotsman Newspaer Article Sharon Ruderham Inner Circle of Poets

Inner Circle of Poets here at the Asylum www,

The Inner Circle of Poets have published two books so far this year. Both books raise money for awareness and research. The group's founding members Margaret Hussey and Sharon Ruderham have poured their heart and soul into these projects. Along with many poets from around the world they are growing stronger by the minute.

Hidden Pieces the inner circle of poets, for sale at Soul Asylum PoetryHidden Pieces, the group's most recent publishing raises money for Autism research and Awareness.


Priced at just $15.00 CAD with $6.50 from each book going directly to helping the cause. Please help to support this group and their efforts buy purchasing a copy of this book, help Autism research, and help this group continue. I personally loved the Homer series of poems in the book, Ken Cowle Soul Asylum Poetry.

The Beauty Within At Soul Asylum Poetry

The Beauty Within was this group's first book and sales have gone very well. The Beauty Within raises awareness and money for Breast Cancer Research. This book written by the Lady Poets of the group only, a deeply moving book that is sure to touch the heart and soul of the reader. Please take the time to check out this group's efforts, or check out our bookstore for more...

Ravens Way book sold here at Soul Asylum PoetryRaven's Way is Kerry L. Marzock's second published book, but is her first novel. A big fan of Horror fiction myself, I loved Raven's Way. Johnny Raven is the coolest character to come our way in a long time. A book of love vengence and loyalty. Taking place on the streets of Philidelphia. A must read for any avid Horror fan. Check out Kerry's books in our Bookstore.
Kerry's Press Release from 2006 has been moved to her Profile Page - Click Here


Soul Asylum Poetry and Ken Cowle makes it into the 

Tough Drum Magazine in the spring of 2006

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Attention Book Writers and Retailers -

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The Soul Asylum Poetry Brochure - April 2007 updated version

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Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing has appeared on local TV, Daytime

Rogers cable 10 several times now

Sept 19th, 2006
March 12, 2007
April 23, 2007

We take these opportunities to expose the site and all of the great work we can do with the support of our authors and Playground members.

Rogers TV Daytime Jacqueline Betterton co-host

Rogers Cable TV Daytime Show George Tsioutsioulas cohost

Jacqueline Betterton
Click the logo to visit Daytime TV
George Tsioutsioulas


"DAYTIME presents an engaging season of fun, frivolity and local style! York Region's only daily, live one-hour lifestyle program, DAYTIME showcases all York Region has to offer."
 This is a local cable show hosted by Jacqueline Betterton and George Tsioutsioulas. This show looks for York Region residents (where Ken and Charlie live) who have an interesting story to share. One thing they look for is anyone having a book being published, so we fit right in and we are excited to have a chance to show off our latest books and let viewers know about The Playground and the contribution our members make.

The shows are aired live on weekdays from 11 a.m to noon. Each one has several guests that get about 8 minutes each.

Ken has appeared on DAYTIME a few times now, once with Andrew Dorland, illustrator for Harold Can't Stand to Be Alone.  Charlie, our resident techie, edits the Soul Asylum segments that we load up to our site for you to see. He has edited show tapes for at least two other people who eventually got their own cable shows, so who knows what the future holds for Soul Asylum? - Our own cable show for writers?
For people in the viewing area, DAYTIME is shown through the week at 5 am, 11 am (live), 5 pm and 11 pm.

The DAYTIME TV show clips are here!!!

The format is Windows Media - We suggest you right click the video links, save them to your own computer and play them from your own media player.

Kenneth William Cowle appears on Rogers Cable TV Richmond Hill Ontario

September 2006 - First Appearance

Segment One 2 minutes (7.5 MB) Right Click Here

Segment Two 3.5 minutes (12 MB) Right Click Here

Segment Three 2.5 minutes (9 MB) Right Click Here

Ken Cowle and Andrew Dorlan discuss children's book Harold Can't Stand to be Alone, on Rogers TV

March 2007 - Ken Cowle and Andrew Dorland discuss their collaboration on children's book: "Harold Can't Stand to be Alone"

Children's book Harold Can't Stand to be Alone - pet dog at home, Ken Cowle, Andrew Dorland

Click the book cover for information

Full Interview 10 minutes (17 MB)
Right Click Here

David Lawton appears on Rogers TV discussing A Bountiful Adventure, published by Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing

April 2007 - Author David C. Lawton presents his first book published with us, A Bountiful Adventure. An entertaining interview with an interesting world traveler.

Full Interview 8:35 minutes (16 MB) Right Click Here


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