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Ocotober 2010


Our Mission Statement!

The Newsletter is full of new sections and news!

New section for music and highlights, author and artist showcases, a new editorial section by Christopher Vaughan ( Anklescar) Interviews with bands by Darlene Fogel and so much More! Read on for the latest Soul Asylum news!

2010 Poetry Contest Winner!!!


Congratulations are in order!

Our First Prize Winner!!!!!!!!!!!

Nan DeNoyer


First Prize winners will receive a complete publishing package from Soul Asylum Poetry & Publishing Inc. The package includes marketing, ISBN, archiving, cataloging, one first proof and 10 author copies of the book.  The details about royalties will be stated in the contract.



New Releases!

‘The Dark Road From Romarong’ is a true story of how a country, named Romarong traveled on a very dark path to become the West African nation of Sierra Leone. Early tribes traveled from the Western Sudan and the Northern Sahara regions to assemble in the rainforest in Romarong to settle their families, build their settlements, grow their crops and trade. This book unveils a glimpse into the sophistication of lost medieval African Empires rarely spoken of, like the Fouta Jallon. Freddy Will’s perspective outlines the culture, lifestyle and traditions of the main West African tribes that evolved from those fallen empires and traced how their influence affected their inter-migration from Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, The Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Senegal, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana, The Ivory Coast and Guinea to where Sierra Leone and Liberia were being formed.

As time pressed on, the Trans-Atlantic slave trade brought wealth, influence and power to countries such as Portugal, Germany, Spain, France and England. Their presence in West Africa changed innumerable lives. Even touches of Islam and Christianity came to overshadow the long standing traditions of African religions. The eventual end of the slave trade and the emancipation and repatriation efforts saw a massive haul of ex-slaves being delivered back to Romarong. What tribes would survive under the insurmountable pressure of being taken and forced into slavery? How could their foreign masters gain such dominance? What were the ex-slaves experiences and contributions once repatriated? What final war defined the heroes of a burgeoning nation and yet, crushed the country’s inhabitants into submission? The Dark Road From Romarong begins…


‘The Dark Road From Romarong’ contains the translations (from Krio to English) of the lyrics featured in Freddy Will’s™ accompanying album, ‘Dark Horse From Romarong …a city of kings.’ Freddy Will recorded the entire album in the Krio language, which is one of the main fourteen languages spoken in Sierra Leone today.


Price: C$25.00

From the author of the book Observations we now have a brand new book titled Reflections. Just like in the first book, Ronnie has continued the spiritual journey of life, love and faith. An enlightening book filled with wisdoms, hope and a will to survive in a world that has come undone.

Ronnie has stated that this is just the beginning, with plans for several more books to be published over the next few years; Ronnie continues to inspire us with his poetry as he will continue to do so for years to come. A must read.

Price: C$19.99

Gath Chronicles

Author Keith McMurran


Keith always wanted to do a comic book along the lines of Conan and eventually decided to do this spoof of the genre, with a tongue in cheek, and very cheeky, tale of a barbarian hero battling an evil demon lord and his minions. On the way to glory he rescues a damsel in distress. All very much over the top and just blood and guts fun.
*ADULT CONTENT — contains depictions of nudity and violence

Comic book format 8.5 x 11 - but Perfect Bound 36 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9812160-5-8
Published in Canada for New Perspective Comics, Newmarket, Ontario.

Price: C$19.99


"Smile Through the Tears"

by author Rupert Bazambanza

has been selected by McGill University of Montreal!



We are so fortunate and grateful to be living where we can feel safe and secure. Not all the world is like that - Make yourself aware of the less fortunate around the globe and act on your compassion.

HOW DO YOU LEARN? HOW DO YOU HELP? Now Available and in Stock!
The graphic novel "Smile Through the Tears" has been selected by McGill University of Montreal for their curriculum. We are so pleased for author and genocide survivor Rupert Bazambanza that his story is finally being recognized. This book is now going to print and we are taking advance orders now. Books will be available mid-January 2009. Educational institutions and Wholesalers will have special pricing.









"Bedtime Treasures"

Stories By Margaret hefferman

Illustrations by Nicole Wallace

Bedtime Treasures is a collection of 9 short stories by Author Margaret Hefferman which has been brought to full life with the incredible illustrations by Nicole Wallace! A beautiful and charming book, filled with wonderful characters, adventure, and fun throughout, but also with great messages for your children...

From Myrtle to Mandy, Peabody, to the mad conductor, your kids will love the fun characters in this books!

In our very first story Myrtle has a big decision to make and a bit of a rough journey to get through, but with some help from friends we can only hope Myrtle will make the right decision in the end! Remember to look for this great book coming soon from Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing!


Raven's Rage

(A Sequal To Ravens Way)

Author - Kerry Marzock


Raven’s Rage

Author Kerry L. Marzock

The Author of Soul Asylum’s first published novel is back again with a sequel to her novel “Raven’s Way”. The readers of this novel followed a harrowing journey of blood and death, romance and revenge, through the streets of Philadelphia. Readers beware, this should be another terrifying adventure.



Raven’s Rage

by Kerry L. Marzock

The second all action installment in the ’Raven’ series. This is the long awaited sequel to Raven’s Way, following the challenges of Johnny Raven as he exacts revenge on the creatures that devastated his life.
Set in the darkness of historic Philadelphia, this story will take you deeper into the realm of the the city’s rulers of the night. Their blood lust is more terrifying than ever — and Johnny Raven intends to give them more than they could wish for, in the climactic battle set in the ruins of one of Philadelphia’s most eerie and infamous institutions.


ISBN: 978-0-981-216027
6X9 Perfect Bound

Price: C$24.95




Our Newest Release!

"My Book of Chrymes"


Wifred Kanu Jr.

Tuesday August 11th, the amazing autobiography "My Book of Chrymes" by Rap artists, screenwriter and author Wilfred Kanu Jr...aka...Freddy Will releases to the public! "My Book of Chrymes" spans over Freddy's life in Sierra Leon, New Jersey USA and finally Canada... A powerful look at life growing up in Sierra Leone, where Freddy's musical roots began. From his struggle through genocide, to his struggle on the streets of New jersey this book will shock, and amaze!

Freddy also breaks down all of the songs in the book from his CD While I am still Young the talking Drums! Explaining where the music came from, the lyrics, and how they refer to his life, and what period in his life!

Freddy will inspire you through his words and his music!

You can pick up Freddy's first book "My Book of Chrymes" for the low price of $24.99 6x9" perfect bound.. as well you can purchase Freddy's Cd "While I am Still Young the Talking Drums" 21 tracks, $14.99 or together as a package and SAVE SAVE SAVE for the low price of $29.99 you will receive both Freddy Will's CD, and His new book!

Pre Order today with your book shipping out August 11th!

My Book of Chrymes book order link

click the book below

If you missed a previous show

play it online from the links below.

Keep watching for these books,

which are in the works and scheduled to be released in 2009!!


"Shadows Over the Moon"

by author Christopher Vaughn (Anklescar)





Keep your eyes open for a new book from our Contest Winner

Carole Cookie Arnold!!




Photo's from the "Festival of Stories" this past August

Ken with Maya, her new Harold book and mom Claudia Childhood educator Miss Lynn hands Ken her new CD Shawna with her copy of Harold Finds a Friend Ken with assortment of authors' books.
L-R: Ken, Maya & Mom with Harold Book; Educator "Miss Lynn"; Shawna & Ken; Ken with books by Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Inc. writers.



Here are some of the wonderful books released in 2008!


Children's Books

Just Click On The Book Cover To Order!


Story by Kenneth William Cowle

Illustration by Andrew Dorland


This is the second tale of adventures for Harold.  

In this episode, Harold ventures out to the woods and finds a friend to play with.

This friend teaches Harold a few new things and Harold shows the way he likes to play in return.

These brightly illustrated books are in large type, making it easy for early readers to follow along.

You will also want to check out the first book about Harold, titled "Harold Can't Stand To Be Alone"


The Adventures Of

Willy The Monkey

Kathleen Zvetkoff, Andrew Dorland, and The Adventures of Willy The Monkey at Soul

Story by Kathleen Charnes Zvetkoff

Illustration by Andrew Dorland

You will love the wonderful and fun adventures of Willy The Monkey!

The story is filled with outrageously funny stories, is easy to understand and written in rhyme.

The book is beautifully illustrated in full color by artist Andrew Dorland,

bringing Willy and all his friends to full life. Your children are sure to love this book!

Join Willy as he ventures to the zoo and even takes a trip to Washington to meet the President!



Chicken Scratch

From The Soul

Written by Don P. Elliott

What started as memos, vignettes and thoughts jotted on paper (’chicken scratches’),

have been collected into this touching anthology

of original poetry that reveals the humour and love that Don P. Elliott

values in his personal journey to understanding his own soul.

"You will love the romantic tones, and incredible wisdoms within as Don shows us through his own journey, the ups and downs of life and how to stay centered..."
- Ken Cowle, Publisher

"I think the title of this book belies the depth of its content. Don has a simple but direct style that hits the nerve of love and loss." - Charles Ross




Ronnie’s passion is ministry and finding the truth with a dogged tenacity. He is a man of encouragement, humility and a strong love for God. He holds a degree in theology, writes for several websites and hosts his own radio show on Harvest Radio WKMB 1070AM, Saturday Mornings. Observations is a collection of poems that reveal Ronnie’s view on the state of the world, the direction of humanity and where our planet is headed.

Within this book you will find much faith and hope, though we are cautioned to see how close we are to our own extinction. Ronnie hopes that this book will touch others, and perhaps help someone within their own journey through life. Hoping to change the world through God’s word and Ronnie’s eyes.


“Ronnie Enoch who is without a doubt one of the most gifted and highly anointed Christian Poets on earth. Thank you so much for taking me under your "wings" and assisting me with the publication of the first of which I believe will be many books. You are a brilliant Christian Poet with timeless pieces which transcend cultures, ages, denominations, genders, and classes. I count myself blessed and highly favored to be one of your protégés. Continue to keep your hand in the Master’s hand and let Him take you all the way! Keep it real and tell it like it is!”

- Christian Author Mary J. Parker



Sunrise, Sunset O'er

Mexico & Dakota

Written by Emilia Nikola Young

Emilia Nikola Young, award winning poet and author of "Dear One, Where Have You Been?",

has penned "Sunrise, Sunset O’er Mexico & Dakota".

This is an incredibly visual collection of poetry, bringing to life both Mexico and Dakota,

written in English and reflected in Spanish.

For those of you who have traveled to these places you will recognize many familiar locales.

Emilia shares her detailed observations with a unique soft, metaphorical style, along with some wonderful photographs

bringing her trip to life for all to see.

You won’t want to miss this one and remember to grab a copy of Emilia’s first book, "Dear One Where Have You Been?"



Poetry Echoes

Through The Ages

Written by Joree Williams

Searching the history of poetry is to discover a language which connected people throughout the centuries.

Poetry appears on records of most literate cultures and can be found on monoliths, rune stones and stele.

Joree Williams has studied different poetic forms from many countries

and has chosen examples to help you as you search for your poetic voice.

Some poems were selected as an example of the sameness in all societies;

while others were chosen as they have no counterpart in any other country.

For students of poetry, this is a useful learning and reference book.

This book contains an impressive variety of poems, presented in many styles.

Each structure is broken down and explained in this book.

There are examples of narrative, free verse, didactic, lyric, prose, blank verse, allegory and more.

For readers who enjoy poetry for its own sake, the compositions by Joree Williams are not only filled with wisdom

and passionate emotion, but you will also find yourself getting lost within many of the pieces within.

Thoroughly entertaining as well as educational!


Asylum for the Soul Radio Show
Now 2 whole hours of poetry and music to take you through a heartfelt journey with real life, every day issues.

- we added some kick with a diverse mix of music in every show

Don't forget you can always play the previous week's show
online by going to our own Asylum Radio page.


Our show has gone to the FM dial with whistle Radio. All of the authors of Soul should be proud and excited with this new venture. Our show will now be a weekly show, airing every Tuesday night 9 pm est. eastern time and replayed every Sunday at 1am est! The two hour show is a mix of poetry and stories written by the poets and writers of Soul Asylum Poetry with a wonderful mix of music from unknown and up and coming musicians. We are now producing several shows at once to have many ready to fit the needs of Whistle Radio. If you have a piece you would like to hear read on one of our  shows, if you have any recorded music or know anyone with recorded music, please send us your mp3 and we will work your piece into our shows. A wonderful opportunity to expose your talents to a whole new audience! More details to come soon! Stay tuned...... 


In The Pit!!

In the Pit

Also on Whistle Radio, "In The Pit"! Get ready to let your hair down, bang your head, let loose and ROCK until your hearts content!! One Hour of all Metal highlighting the best Indie Metal, and Mainstream from yesterday to today! Get on your Gear, and enter the Pit! Saturday's 1 am. EST!!



Listen online at www.whistleradio.com or tune your FM dial to 102.7 (in Toronto).

Click on the Listen Live link at the top, left of Whistle's home page and enjoy the shows!


Double K Records distribution contract is a non exclusive contract where the artist continues to hold the

rights to their own music. Giving the Artist 50% of the gross margin profits in retail sales from mp3 downloads

and CD sales. We are about to open our new profiling software at our sight, and have a contract in place

for any artist interested in knowing more!

Any bands or independent artists looking sign to recording contracts or distribution deals look no further, Ken is here for you!

Email authors@soulasylumpoetry.com for more details!


Some of our Signed Musicians and Bands!!!!



Freddy Will

Dawn Of Correction

Dawn of Correction

Without End

Without End


White Island

Nick Flavell

Grace Stiles


Kevin Ricci


Luck Brothers



More New

Music Profiles Available In The Jamroom!!!

For a full list of profiles click the artists profiles click the button below!

This Months Artist Profiles!


Cynthia Bonnet- Feathers

 Cynthia Bonnet - Artist

Cynthia Bonnet was born in Philadelphia, Pa in 1950 to Harold and Sadie Lee Bonnet. Her father was self-taught illustrator, instilling in her the curiosity to create at an early age. Her mother a grower of african violets and zinnias.She had access to many types of art supplies, which later develop her interest in many different mediums: painting, fiber design, mixed media, murals, collage, photography, graphic design, computer animation, pottery and assemblages  are amongst a few of the areas she has worked in.


Cynthia Bonnet was born in Philadelphia, Pa in 1950 to Harold and Sadie Lee Bonnet. Her father was a self-taught illustrator, instilling in her the curiosity to create at an early age. Her mother a grower of african violets and zinnias.

She had access to many types of art supplies, which later develop her interest in many different mediums: painting, fiber design, mixed media, murals, collage, photography, graphic design, computer animation, pottery and assemblages  are amongst a few of the areas she has worked in.


Mark Barber - Artist

Several years ago downtown St.Louis , I was working on a job site with a good friend of mine. We were installing some water piping, for a large hotel. At the time, I had always hurried and rushed through projects, not concerning myself about the way things looked behind the walls. He simply looked at what I was doing and said …………………”why don’t you make it look like artwork” and then walked away.

Yes, I am a plumber by trade, and that day made me think of not just my workmanship but much more. I started to look at things a little differently and why things were the way they were. Most plumbers are artists in their own way, but there are a few people like myself who tend to take this a bit further. People, who know me, know I am a perfectionist.


Friends have often said my workshop floor is so clean you could eat off of it, well I still wouldn’t!

I have always had the knack of being able to decorate, design and place things in their proper way. Some people know this as good “feng shui “ . My hobby is copper artwork and the best way I know how to give back to my community and beyond is to imagine, create, and donate.   We have all seen those late night paid programming commercials at 3 a.m. about the sick children at St. Jude’s or starving people in Africa who need our help. I truly think we should all give what we can to those who are in need. I whole heartedly believe if you have a talent or ability, you should use it for the betterment of society. Before we all turned green and Al Gore’s movie came out, I was recycling in my own way. Picking up those loose washers on the job site or figuring out some way to use those old pieces of wood in new projects. One January morning, while experiencing a bit of cabin fever, ( More at www.RefreshingArt.com ) I made my way to my work shop. I had several buckets of scrap copper to play around with. Then it happened; I created one thing, which led to many more. A few weeks later an old friend stopped by and saw what I was up to. She asked me if I could make something for her. Not thinking much of what I had made or really understanding what my friend saw in my work, it was just something to fill a blank space on my bedroom wall. Family members and friends have asked me to make things for them, or suggested I should sell them online. People say you are your own worse critic.

This statement could not be any truer when it comes to me. ( More at www.RefreshingArt.com ) There are things I have made, that have made it as far as the back of my truck and then to the scrap yard. I believe I have broken that cycle and I now let the public judge my artwork for themselves. “Sometimes you just have to let yourself go …….to find who you really are”.  Look inside yourself and realize like I have, the world is much bigger than ourselves and our day to day problems. There are multiple ways to help. From the boy scouts to starving children and even stray animals in our neighborhood, we all can do much more. It first starts with cleaning out your closet and donating those old clothes to such places like “Feed My People ” in Fenton, Missouri. ( More at www.RefreshingArt.com ) Understand you can make a difference in someone else’s life just by stepping out of your world. Thank you for reading this and looking into your heart for others. If you are interested in any of my artwork, for a charitable event, or are considering something for yourself please feel free to contact me. I do sell pieces of my work from time to time for the sole purpose of keeping my pursuit of this going. I usually have at least five to ten items you can pick from for your charitable event or to purchase. ( More at www.RefreshingArt.com ) Who I'd like to meet:
I would like to meet other people who enjoy donating there time to worthy causes. Some old friend's from Fla. and some New's too.

 We are very happy to have Mark join with us here at Soul, if you would like to see some of Mark's artwork click on Mark's photo to go to his profile.


 Jay Alders - Artist/Illustrator/Photographer

"Every day I feel great pride and appreciation for being able to make a living being an Artist, which is all I've wanted to do since I was a kid. The past few years of my Art Career have been especially awesome to say the least. Consequentially the doors of opportunity that have opened to me and the genuine friendships I've kindled as a result prove to me the importance of having gratitude daily and following your dreams."


Visit Jay's profile in the Jamroom to see some of his amazing artwork, just click on Jay's photo!!


A Warm Welcome To Our newest



David Gould Candle

David Gould

David lives in South West Scotland and is a trained clergyman and social worker who retired and started a woodwork business making bagpipes and general crafts. He now writes about peace after losing a member of his family in the London Bombings. His interests include Wood Sculpture, writing, peace activist and inter-faith work. Be sure to check out David's work by clicking on the picture above.



Speedy9327 AKA Cali AKA Hart: An incredible writer,

already becoming one of the family, and inspiring others

through his poetry. Check out some of Speedy's poetry, just click on his picture!

Kairi, also a new member and one of Soul's youngest writers, has already posted a few amazing

pieces. Do get in to say hello, and review a few from one of our newest family members. Just click on the picture!


Brooklynborn, Yet another incredible writer and active member of the Soul Family,

stop by and review Brooklynborn's poetry, click on the above picture...

Welcome to all of the new members of Soul!


We  would like to welcome new members to make them feel like part of our family, to let them feel at home and that they have come to the right place to write and enjoy others' writings.

If you check under authors and artists, you will find alot of information about most of our members, if anyone does not have a profile there,please let Kenny know if you would like one.


We are sorry for not keeping up with Birthdays, we need to rebuild our List, please be patient for us to do that and please if we miss your birthday let us know so we can make sure to celebrate with you next.




New Beginnings

Click on the image above or below to view the Members Showcase!

Have a seat in the rocker, and read some beautiful poetry from the poets

of Soul Asylum Poetry

Author Profile of The Month

Rupert Bazambanza


Rupert Bazambanza

Born In 1975, Rupert Bazambanza emigrated from Rwanda to Montreal Canada in 1997 after surviving the GENOCIDE that took place there between April and July of 1994. Rupert is more then a survivor though, having trained at the Academie international du design, and now working as a graphic artist, Rupert continues his work to bring awareness and to raise money for the people of Rwanda. His widely acclaimed Graphic novel "Smile Through The Tears," depicts the true life story of a Tutsi family, the Rwangas, and their fate before, during and after the Genocide of Rwanda. A touching heart wrenching story, and one that is so important to know. There is much still to be done in Rwanda, and surrounding areas.

Rupert's work has been an example of comic media in conflict resolution by Harvard University and in an article published by the Harvard Law Review. Rupert has also lectured extensively on the Rwandan genocide in Canada and the United States.

Look for "Smile Through The Tears" by Rupert Bazambanza, to be released this spring, summer, through Soul Asylum Poetry, both in English and French versions. You will want to pick this book up, full color, true life, true history, a book of importance, and a time as seen through the eyes of a survivor, Rupert.

Smile Through the Tears

Click on the Picture above to purchase your very own copy!!


Helen McManus - Author/ Poet

Helen has been a member of Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing almost from its inception. Her wonderful sense of humor and her mastery of styles have made her a well known and beloved figure on the site. Helen inspires so many through her poetry and loving nature.

Helen says she started writing poetry as a tribute to her late husband Jim who passed away suddenly in September 2004. Helen says she has found much comfort through writing poetry as well as gaining many talented and wonderful friends. Make sure you check out Helen's book

"Widowed Dreams"



Widowed Dreams

by Helen McManus

Widowed Dreams is a book that will take you through a Journey. A Journey of love, loss, hope and renewal, a book that will touch your soul, and heart. If you have ever loved and lost this book is a must. Not only is Widowed Dreams about love and loss, it is a book about healing and moving forward. Ultimately a book that will comfort.

"Helen has contributed so much to the site, she’s such a wonderful treat to read, like crème brûlée poetry!"

This collection is perfect bound in a lustrous premium hardcover - 5.5 x 8.5
120 pages

ISBN: 978-0978133894 Price C$19.99

For more information on Helen McManus please read her Author’s Profile

Our Most Recent Book Releases!


Follow Brokenwing on her journey for acceptance in a special land of fun and wonderful characters.

Brokenwing does not feel like she fits in with her own kind but finds new friendships that bring her

lessons of sharing and courage.Young children will enjoy this story told in rhyme.

Story and concept by U.S. author Leslie Ann Lindsay and illustrations by Canadian Artist Eleanor ThorelTwo talented people from two different countries worked together to bringBrokenwing and all of her adventure to full color life!

Be sure to buy your copy today!

Price: C$15.99 Click the cover to order!

Victim Victorious (Ready to be preordered!)

This is a powerful book of prose and poetry! Real life issues, real life wisdom’s, and emotions! This book will grab a hold of you and will not let go! If you have gone through difficult times, or are going through them, this book may help you through those difficult times!

Antoinette was our 2007 poetry contest winner, with hundreds of poems entered. The power of emotion is what swayed the judges!

ISBN# 978-0-9812160-0-3

Price: C$18.99

The Compass 

The Compass is an anthology of work by friends Raymond Anderson, Warren Brown, Denise DaCosta and Howard Simms. Their words are often raw and emotional, reflecting many feelings of living on the outside looking in.

Within the book you will feel much pain, sadness and anger.

You will also find uplifting passages of love, hope and inspiration. Searching for their way to a safer place they uncover answers to the difficult questions we face in life.

Let The Compass be your shining light and guide to finding your own way home. Raymond Anderson is also the author of the amazing book "Alone in a Crowd"  Price: C$18.99 Click the cover to order!

Where Darkness Reigns

Michael J Hawks

(King Of Darkness)

 Michael J. Hawks paints worlds of darkness and demons, using a metaphorical style to conjure up the spiritual experiences  and influences of his own life.


'Hawk' spends months researching his material to bring an intensity to his writing that leaves many fans with sweaty palms and anxious hearts. Deeply moving, painful at times, but always with a glimmer of hope and faith that there is a  way out of the darkness. Hawk's poems are suspenseful and often times horrifying. He writes in such a graphic way that the images portrayed become so realistic that they draw you into the scene. A must read for any fan of horror or poetry. It is hard not to see the mastery of Hawk's writing. Click on the book to purchase $19.99 CAD 160 pages of scarrrrry!

Raymond Anderson at Soul Asylum Poetry Alone In A Crowd,, an amazing book, available now!

Alone In A Crowd

by Raymond Anthony Anderson

  Raymond’s soul is laid bare in this first published collection of his writings. What is revealed are his darkest and brightest hours as he shares the story of his own path through life.

In Raymond’s words;
  "I’ve spent much time searching for a way to release the many emotions that I hold dear. Through poetry I have found ways to express matters of concern, capture the lost innocence, describe past experiences of pain and compassion. My pen speaks as the pad listens.

Perfect bound soft cover - 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Number of pages: 112


Click Book To Order Your Copy Today!

Some Other Great Titles From Soul Asylum Poetry Can Be Found at our Books Boutique!

Click the Book to go to our Books Boutique. Limited time left to save 25% off all titles.

http://www.soulasylumpoetry.com/cgi-bin/ccp51/cp-app.cgi book at Soul Asylum Poetry

Past But Not Forgotten News!!!

Our 2008 Contest closed December 15th 2008, , click on the scroll for details, and be sure to watch for the results from the contest!

Click the Contest Scroll to see a list of all of our talented winners from last year's contest!

Contest to win book publishing package here at Soul Aslyum Poetry

Click here to go to our contest 1 showcase!

Remember We have a New no Fee Contract so Get Your Manuscripts in!


Joree's Poetry Corner

Welcome Back Joree!!

As some of you may know, Joree has been suffering serious health issues, but she is back and doing her lessons! Due to her health issues, she is unable to sit at her computer for long periods of time, so please be patient when posting your replys, it may take some time for her to get back to you, but she will as soon as she is up to it.





This Months Music Profiles!

Luck Brothers

Since the 1980's Tim Gleeson and Art Austin have been performing, writing and recording together to create a unique sound that can be heard on the radio as well as in person throughout the region.
"Mojo In My Coffee," from their debut album Coming Back Home, is often featured on WXPN's blues show.

The Luck Brothers can be seen and heard throughout the Philadelphia-area in popular nightspots such as Carolina Blue and Library IV.

To attest to their talents, The Luck Brothers won a finalist award in the 2008 Defend the Bar Band Contest sponsored by Boru and will be making a music video of their song "Lies and Secrets" from their new CD, due out soon on Double K Records!

The Luck Brothers' recording credits also include their debut CD, Coming Back Home, and Pain, their second release. Coming Back Home and Pain have both recently been licensed for use in motion pictures and TV.


Freddy Will


Freddy Will is an American rapper, producer, song/screenwriter and author born in Freetown, Sierra Leone and raised in Monrovia, Liberia in West Africa. His early years were spent playing guitar in church and re-writing Bible stories into plays for his local theatre. During the civil war in Liberia in 1989, he was exposed to violence there and he escaped the genocide by defending himself on his journey to Sierra Leone, his country of birth. For years to come, Freddy will be haunted by those experiences.

At the age of 13, he lived on refugee status in Sierra Leone until he integrated with relatives in the city of Bo, where he began to write and perform his own music in friends’ backyards. Rebels attacked Sierra Leone in 1992. He became friends with soldiers deployed in Bo Reservations; he ran their errands and did chores for them. One day while carrying bags for those soldiers in a rebel held area near Potoru, they came under attack and Freddy Will survived another first hand massacre. He moved to Freetown soon after, enrolled in school and began to perform his music at talent shows and school variety shows. His biggest influence was Naughty by Nature.

In 1995, Freddy moved to The Gambia, another West African nation and lived there as a refugee from Freetown for three years. While there, he performed at many talent shows in the cities of Serekunda, Latrikunda, Senegambia and Fajara. He later traveled to the city of Dakar (in Senegal) where he spent most of his time writing lyrics about the wars he survived. He became well known in the region as the ‘Sierra Leonean refugee who played hip-hop.’ He eventually reunited with his family when he moved to the United States in the late 90’s.

In the States Freddy settled in Franklin New Jersey and began to earn his keep. He held two jobs and after a brief introduction to the streets, hustled on the side while earning college credits at Raritan Valley Community college and later Edison Job Corps Academy where he obtained diplomas in Accounting and Hotel Management. He found a passion for Health Care at Robertwood Johnson University Hospital and later Somerset Medical Center when he trained and worked as a phlebotomist and Patient Care Technician. Forgoing his passion in music and theatre arts he worked earnestly with Oncology and Geriatrics patients for over five years and ended up caring for a quadriplegic student at Villanova University for a year. His health care experiences lead him to eventually establish The Freddy Will Hope Foundation (FWHF) which is a charity organization in New Jersey that raises funds to assist in the research and care for Oncology, Geriatric and Quadriplegic patients. Freddy Will returned to his passion in 2006 and began to perform his music again for the fist time in a long time since he left West Africa. He joined forces with an old friend from Freetown, Sierra Leone who now lived in Pickering Canada where he launched his music career in Toronto.


Freddy Will’s struggle reached new heights when he released a mixtape in Toronto, Canada entitled “Stay True” in 2006. The mix tape drew hype in New Jersey and Toronto which lead to him recording his studio debut album entitled “While I’m Still Young – The talking drums” entirely in Toronto. This album gives listeners an honest glimpse into his experiences on the gritty streets of West Africa and America. The album is released on Freddy Will’s own label Ghetto Breed Entertainment and is being promoted and distributed by Soulkiss Entertainment/dep/Universal Canada. The album has already created a major buzz among music heads, DJ’s and his worldwide fans not only in North America but South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Freddy Will’s only journey now is of a promising career as a true artist. He has transformed himself from being a war survivor into an artistic powerhouse. His fans are waiting… are you ready?


Calling Out Closer

About Calling Out Closer:

calling out closer: a reinvention. new year, new name (but it's more than that). As a band, we're looking forward to an exciting year ahead of us.

We're especially awaiting march 28th when our new album, "stars and broken hearts" is released. these songs have been brewing and evolving at our live shows and practices for awhile now, and it's quite a good feeling to hear them captured at their best.

Calling out closer: a reflection. over the course of the past year, two band members have amicably departed from our ranks (due to wedding bells or school bells, and pursuit of a higher plan. as always, we wish scot and kina the best. bryn, ryan, and i have been playing together for awhile now, but we can all agree that it seems as if chris had been right there with us. change can be a difficult thing, but we thank God for meshing together the lives of four individuals under a common cause.


Calling out closer: a reliance on what God has done. Throughout the past, the future, and the present, we trust in His faithfulness. So as a band, we'll operate under a new name, but continue to look to the Ancient One for inspiration. We hope to see you (young and old) rocking out and worshipping and/or dancing with us at our concerts.

God bless!



The Band

Bryn - vocals, guitar
Ben - vocals, keys
Chris - bass, vocals
Ryan - drums


White Island!!!!

Yes everybody, this is a one man band!! Hard to believe? David comes to us from Wellington, New Zealand

and has guitar for over 21 years. He has never had received a professional music lesson in his life which he

feels assists him in imparting a genuine and natural feel to his music. David started out playing locally

in bands, but found frustration in finding musicians whose commitment and desires were the same as his

So, for the past number of years he isolated himself in hisstudio, learning the skills he needed to make his music reality. With technology being where it is today, and the internet being the powerful tool it is, David is surely finding that a one person musical act can reach a significant audience....

And do so with power, clarity and integrity!


"Songs of Love, Hate, Hope & Despair" is the first album by White Island. The music has a modern rock sound, with highly emotional, personal lyrics, catchy choruses, and technically advanced lead guitar playing. The music comes from my heart and mind, and is the most natural expression of how I am feeling and what I want to create. I have not created this music with an audience in mind, although I do have a strong desire to touch people through my songs and playing".



Keep your eyes and ears open for more to come from "White Island". This one man band is definately

someone you want to be playing on the stereo while your snuggled up to your loved one.

Darlene Fogel Interviews Dawn Of Correction Band Members

Before Indianapolis Heavy Metal Fest II!


Darlene Fogel at Soul Asylum Poetry

Dawn of Correction

   I was lucky enough to have the chance to visit with D.O.C. at their recording studio in     Lansdale, Pa., 23 days before they are scheduled to take their fist pounding sound to the stage in Indianapolis, Indiana. Since I typically see them at shows while they are running around, greeting their fans, taking pictures and supporting the other bands playing on the bill for the night, I rarely get to see the personal interaction these guys have with each other. The closeness they share on the stage is not just a show for the screaming crowd, these four guys have a bond that no one could ever possibly break, they are not just band mates they are brothers. Behind all the jokes, laughing, and teasing, they have nothing but love and respect for one another.


D.O.C. at Soul Asylum Poetry, DAWN OF CORRECTION Interview with Darlene Fogel

   I spoke with each of them regarding Metalfest and it was unanimous, they are stoked! I asked the drummer Rich how he felt about playing with at least 75 bands from all over the country and he responded” It’s an amazing opportunity, but one day at a time. I’m honored to be accepted on this tour and there’s not a better bunch of guys I would rather tour with”. As the day is fast approaching, these boys are flying high and ready to blow your mind! Bassist Ech says “This is the best musical project I have ever been involved in and I just hope everyone digs what we are doing”. In my opinion, I don’t foresee that being a problem. Guitarist Giulio is just as fired up as the others “I am very much looking forward to this, we never did this before. I am looking forward to playing with other bands outside the local music scene, I am grateful to be working with a band that is good enough to be invited to Metalfest. I am also looking forward to tearing it up on the stage and being a part of the whole thing”. Although the boys were deeply involved in working on their upcoming CD “Dead Hand Control” and getting the final preparations ready to hit the road, lead singer Chris Nat still managed to give me a private moment to tell me how he felt about playing the festival “I think it’s a great opportunity for our band, we are really looking forward to sharing the stage with the locals, out of states and National bands. We are really excited about being part of Metalfest, hanging out with the other bands and taking D.O.C. to another state”.

   Soul Asylum president Ken Cowle had the pleasure to meet these guys back in July when they were performing in Allentown, Pa., and can’t wait for the day to arrive to watch these boys ROCK OUT in the Indianapolis Metalfest . Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing could never be more proud than they are right now to be sponsoring D.O.C., a great and talented bunch of guys”. From personal experience I can tell you, these guys are incredible and their stage presence is amazing. Between their unbridled energy and interaction with the crowd, you won’t be able to keep your eyes off the stage. They are nothing but pure, hardcore, raise your fist, metal. I can’t wait to hit Indianapolis, Rockin’ D.O.C. style!!!

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There is unbelievable power in prayer. 


Please keep the following writers in your thoughts and prayers:


Undercover Angel (Lea) has had so much happening to her and her family this past year, please keep her in your prayers.

Cookie (Carole) Arnold has been having lung problems. Not only did she lose her loving son, she had been very ill, and is currently awaiting upcoming surgery, she sure could use some extra prayers.

 A happy note! As most of us may know, Joree has been suffering with severe health issues but she is back and is giving her lessons again. She wants to thank all the members who have reached out to her and encouraged her to continue her lessons. She is so happy to be back.


To all members: The site is looking better and better and getting stronger and stronger thanks to all of you.!

If anyone is in need of prayer or knows someone who is please feel free to email me



God bless you all!


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GREEN SCENE HINT: By replacing the regular incandescent or halogen light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs or CFL, a household's energy bill can decrease by 60% - 80% in a year, not to mention the mercury and other pollutants that are in the air. They do cost a bit more but last a hundred times longer. I'm on my second set now and my first set lasted around 8 years! Light bill is 1/4 of what it used to be. Some power companies offer them at cost, so check with your local utilities. (Reference: treehugger.com) .

Help save the planet!


Click on the link to go to the cbm website, check out the wonderful work this group does to help others around the world... Get involved, and give.


On April 15th I took a tour of the cbm to see everything this wonderful organization does to help others. From the disabled to the hungry, this group helps to save lives and increase the standard for living.




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