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Mystic Wolf aka.. Kerry Marzock
Poet Novelist and member of Soul Asylum Poetry

I am the Mystic Wolf, prowler of your dreams, aka Kerry Marzock in human form.  As a young puppy, my father Jaress, leader of our pack, gave me the freedom and even urged me to read voraciously as a human child, which then helped create my undying love of literature and the written word.  As soon as I was old enough to begin reading horror and watching scary movies I did so.  After all, what is a better genre in literature for a creature from your mystic dreams?  My monster of choice was, and still is, the werewolf, though we ourselves are not the beast who haunts your nightmares.  I guess there's just something romantic about shifting shapes and running as the beast under a full moon.  My first (and hopefully not last) book of poetry, "A Sea of Emotion", is now available for your reading pleasure, a sweet recipe made up with a cup of happiness, several tablespoons of love and sensuality, a teaspoon of pain, and just a dash of darkness (well, maybe a few pinches).  I have lived in Philadelphia for over thirty years and I truly love this city, so much so that I have written my first horror novel set totally in this lovely, historic, mysterious city.  Stay tuned, “Raven’s Way” should be available by the summer of 2006 to hopefully enthrall, frighten and keep you turning page after page, not wanting it to end.  And it won’t, since the second novel has already begun.  Forever being a hopeless romantic, I certainly know what sadness, confusion, love and curling up with somebody special mean.  As a result, I hope you enjoy reading about all my personal feelings in “A Sea of Emotion”, and also feel that my words touch your own heart in such a way that the emotions and tears are yours as well.  Remember, when the moon is full, the howl you hear may not always be the lonely, mournful dog in the neighborhood, for the mystic wolf is not only real, but she is part of your dreams as well.

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To read more of Kerry's poetry please click on the link below to go straight into the den of Mystic Wolf...you will be pleased you did,,,,,and remember to look for your copy of Kerry's novel Ravensway in the Soul Asylum Book Store.

Books by Kerry L Marzock

A Sea of Emotion

Kerry L. Marzock

A Sea of Emotion is simply a book of everyday life. Everyone who dreams of that never-ending love or special friendship will find meaning within the pages of this unique book of poetry. As we struggle through life, heading for our final destination, we find many adventures and heartbreaks along the way—loves we wish we could reclaim, enjoyable events we wish we could relive, and of course, family that is so dear to our hearts.

Come along on life’s little journey as you turn every page and realize that others believe in the same way of life as you. Through these pages you’ll find sadness, love, family ties, and loneliness all adrift on A Sea of Emotion.

$11.95 U.S. - Search Publish America for "Marzock"

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Now Available for purchase!!! Click Here!!!

Raven's Way.... novel 295 pages of intense action...

by Kerry L Marzock

Soul Asylum Poetry is proud to present our first novel for sale. This is Kerry's first novel though she is already working on book two which is also sure to be a hit!. Raven's Way is a journey of blood and death, romance and revenge, taking place on the streets of Philadelphia, where no one is safe.....a must read a must buy!!

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To those who have no choice
but to howl at the hungry moon.

A rabid, howling moon reaches out to
grab my strangled throat with
craving, hungry claws, intensity of lunar midnight now driving me insane.
Fingers curl into nervous, anxious paws,
the curse of being once bitten
by infected teeth bathed in angry,
yellow-hooded wolf’s bane.

Searing pain shrieks violently through skin and bone while beseeching
moonbeams scratch and rip away
all straggling shreds of lost humanity.
The sharp echo of altering joints
with a scream of stretching sinew blend together as call of the wild howls a sad farewell to society.

Nostrils widely flared in anticipating delight, as hunter’s golden eyes search for wary prey, ears twitching forward at the mewling cry of frightened beasts now cowering in the night.
Oh…..I can feel the dizzy rush of desire for the taste of hot, sweet blood
from torn flesh once vibrant and alive.
The ravenous moon has called my
name once more as I stand in regal
silhouette on grizzled hillock, bathed within the glow of silver moon glow.
I toss my head skyward, gleaming fangs
snapping angrily at grinning stars
lost in heaven’s angry roar.
A growl of primal terror builds to
soulful lament as man and wolf
combine to sing in lonely harmony.
The wretched mind of man now
locked inside the shadow of a beast,
to rip and claw and tear,
but to forever cry and pray
for everlasting peace.

  Kerry is so very busy,, she is working on three different project at the moment and still she found the time to be in our first collection for the site,,, Whispering Souls,,, you will find the poems of many published poets in this book,, Kerry Marzock,,("Ravens Way" ), Marne Sayre, ("Fairy Tales & Mermaids"), Joree Williams ("Poetic Thoughts), SD McDaniel ("Wandering Through Paradise") and many many more,,as well you will find some poems from up and coming authors such as Donna Tanner, Kathleen Zvetkoff, Helen McManus,Emilia Nikola Young, and Jim Davis, there are just too many to mention,,, you will even find a few of Ken's never before published poems in this book,,,

Whispering Souls

19.99 CAD

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Kerry L Marzock in Whispering Souls,,,,,


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Archived Press Release: (links may be outdated or not available)
Kerry Marzock Press Release Wednesday Sept. 13th 2006

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Roxreview out of Philedelphia News at Soul Asylum Poetry

Radio Interview on the Lou Gentile Show Sept.19th 2006

Kerry will be interviewed as the only guest on the two hour show,

by Cari Stone, who will have her own show once Lou Gentile is back .

In order to listen to the show on the 19th I have been told there are steps involved that will not take much time at all

1.    Go to www.lougentile.com


2.    Once in the site as a new visitor you can create an account and begin registration as a member.  It's free, though once a member you can elect to have the premium membership which you do pay a little for but it gives you a broader range of things in the site.  But just to listen to the show, and other things, it's free.  You'll be asked for information like login, password, etc.

3.    You will then get an e-mail from the show stating that you or somebody else registered as a member, and to complete that registration, click on the link provided within the e-mail to finalize the registration.

4.    When you go back into the Lou Gentile web site under your login and password, follow down the left hand column until you come to the section marked 'Radio Show', then click on 'Listen Live'.

5.    This will take you to the screen to listen to the program.  There will be several options to listen to the show depending on your system.  If you don't have the latest Windows Media Play, it will say that you need to download it.  It's free, takes a few minutes.

6.    Once that is all set, then you can click on the link to listen to the show.

7.    You can also participate in the live chat and elect to listen to the live radio show while in the chat, you can ask questions, etc.  Cari Stone will select questions that she feels are interesting, etc.

Click below.

Lou Gentile Show interview with Kerry Marzock

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