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Our Writers


Don P Elliott

Don P Elliott has recently released his book, "Chicken Scratch From The Soul".  Don's poetry is written with much depth and metaphor. His poetry will often leave the reader with plenty to ponder. We are glad to have Don here at Soul. Here is a sample of Don's poetry. Please click on the image below to view Don's poetry and to purchase the book, click on the book cover above! You will be glad you did!



The morn is dark…the air that abounds sparkles with a new light
A new presence is felt…is it hope…is it dreams…is it love?
The year is almost at a close as a the new lay imminent…insight
Our history…one of turmoil…auditions of peace prevail from above

Why do we fear these times…releasing the door to tomorrow?
Tomorrow is not about revolution…but to change what is inside
Our individual gleam of hope…faith…a heart that does not heed sorrow
What could be accomplished…our change of heart…a changing tide?

Do not let anger surround what needs to breathe…to carry new life
Let it be born from kindness…relinquish incense from yesterday…the past
It is ours to behold…our future lies from within us…one free of strife
A frail heart can be mended…nourished in Hope…in Love…to last

These words are not prophecy…but of my solitary wishes…my dreams
Our world of change must be brought about individually…our silent rebellion
Believe in a new tomorrow…believe in Hope…Faith and Love…what redeems
It is inside us all…a time of change…our renaissance…our resurrection
…Believe…and it will be..

© Don P. Elliott
December 31st, 2008



myladyempress has been a member of Soul asylum Poetry since December 2005. Her poetry is both beautiful and haunting at the same time. She writes in a form and style all her own. The flow, rhyme schemes, imagery and metaphor in her poetry are all powerful and pulls the reader into her world. Her writing is strong and filled with emotion. You will want to read more of her poetry.  Click the image above to read more from myladyempress!




these decadent songs
such a morbid flow
ive run my course
no where left to go
a tumbled step
down a broken road
my tattered soul
my own burning abode
the blood that courses
in my veins
my shadowed nightmares
down memory lane
these pinching desires
that tickle the skin
spirits run low
blood level has thinned
ive streaked through worlds
of molten grass
sat atop hills
as cosmos passed
golden creatures
dazzled bright
held back my hand
despising their light
a gentle breeze
through tangled hair
my heart is closer
to my despair
my voice leaps out
in a strangled shout
my challenge soars
up to the clouds
remembering not
the years ive grown
only knowing
my soul has flown
these darkened summers
of shimmering lands
the moon holds up
her silver hands
hope abounds
in the grey of dawn
under my pillows
the blinds are drawn
I dream of worlds
once gone lost
and hold the nightmares
with frightful cost
this power slipping
behind my eyes
I know shall cause
my own demise
though there I cower
night and day
till the devil comes

Written By myladyempress



sweet lullaby


this never ending
torture cycle
spins the wheel of time
exhale the pain
that grips your soul
and open eyes now blind
the iron point
that guides our way
towards the burning stars
controls this blood
of boiling hate
and calls to where you are
strangled flesh
on mangled bones
bleeding in the night
the reddened eyes
of hell's delight
trapped within my sight
gladdened mirth
a stretched out hand
fingers curled to claws
my back is cracked
with one step...two...
as the wind blows my last straw
mother dancing
...so unaware
of blood stains on the wall
giggling eyes
devoid of tears
please heed my weary call
ive lost my grasp
with reality cold
irises hazy blue
with unquestioned death
i dont know when
i lost my love for you
yet im untroubled
...not a care
for every thing must die
so wash my hands
with one last glance
and sing a lullaby
"twinkle, twinkle
daddy's gone...
some how he wound up dead
while mommy's singin'
to the children
completely out of her head..."

Written by myladyempress


Barbara Fidler writes with elegance and romance.

The flow of her poetry is always graceful.

Barb is also known, in the playground, for her wonderful challenges, which often inspire many responses. Her replies to other poets are always warm and encouraging. You will hear some of her poetry read during The Asylum For Your Soul radio shows from time to time. It always adds that elegant and warm touch. We are happy to have Barb here and appreciate her writing. She is a talented poet. Here is a sample of Barb's elegant writing.

You can read more of her poetry, just click on the image above!


~Winter Solitudes~

I see the snow falling at a rapid pace,
no sounds abound around this place.
Cars passing fast hurry home to rest,
silence grips the night a pleasant quest.
A warming hearth burns an amber glow,
surrounding the cabin in heartfelt bestow.
The wood crackles her flames left to burn,
romance ignites at home, two hearts yearn.
The blanket’s left unattended no soul in sight,
two wine glasses left half-full to start the night.
Perfume-kissed scents linger ‘pon the eventide,
soft candles flicker as love exudes her fain sigh.
Gentle voices release their erotic-spun whispers,
silhouettes move in tandem to the beat of a purr.
Sensual-strands release their song in sweet delight,
as two make love beneath her balm thru’ the night.
O' her winter solitudes~

Copyright ©2008 B. Regina



"My names Jonathan, aka Johnny Poetic .I am a mix breed, yup a mestizo and then some, Black/Filipino/Spanish. My interest are many, just ask me. Poetry and music is my main interest, because "Poetry is music to me, you see". I love music to the core, I think without it; this world would be a boring place, full of tears and sorrow...."

"A new day, to a new year"

To a new day
To a new year
Let us all make this year
With more smiles and laughter
Less sadness and less tear
More brave and courageous
Be more precautious
Of acts with consequences
Not overly state words
That are so outrageous
To a new day
To a new year
Words of promises
Not to be broken
Try not to be so obnoxious
To yourself and others
Have more respect to your family
Mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers
Your friend's that you care and love
Be faithful to your lover
There is nobody like him or her
There is no other
To a new day
To a new year
Finish what you started
Dreams and goals
To finally achieve
Heart and feelings of love
Always to be guarded

Written by Johnny Poetic





Our Musicians

Kevin Ricci

   Kevin Ricci's music has a style and sensibility to it which has turned him into one of the Philadelphia area's best kept secrets. With a soulful voice,  sweet melodies and powerful lyrics this Singer-Songwriter has been quietly winning over crowds from dive bars to coffee shops for years.

A Philadelphia native, Ricci got his start on the stages of the open mics in and around the area.

   "I was really very lucky to have been born here." He says jokingly. "At the age of 18 or 19, with almost no real performance experience I was able to play up to 5 times a week and really work on my craft. Not only that, but I was also able to get critiqued by some of the best and most talented musicians yet to be discovered.  I mean, I had Folk singers, Jazz instrumentalist, Rockers, Hip Hop artists-just about any other type of musician you could imagine giving me tips on how to improve. Almost everyone in the Philly music scene has influenced me greatly."

It is the mixture of all of these influences that makes Ricci's music something truly special. Ricci seamlessly blends styles in a way that is reminiscent of names like Ben Harper and Joshua Radin (both of whom he cites as major influences).

Ricci's debut CD "Winter Sessions" perfectly demonstrates this incredible mixture of styles.



The idea for a band was sparked when Doug and Jordan began to play music in their early high school years. The two passionate musicians developed a deep friendship and bond, and always saw potential in their drive to write music. In 2005 they decided to embark on their musical journey by beginning to write and record together. They liked the creative sounds that were forthcoming, and eventually they were accompanied by the talented young percussionist Andrew who had been involved in music since childhood.

His experience with drums and sound equipment, along with his charm, clearly showed that besides being the stud of the group, his addition to the band was one of the best twists of fate a music group could ask for. Jake and Jesse (Jordan's two brothers) later joined the band to make it a complete plethora of talent. Jake's enthusiasm, along side of Jesse's calm and collected spirit added and an immeasurable amount of strength to the band. The summer of 2006 saw the joining of each of these individuals to officially begin the unwinding story that has already become the stuff of legends. All of the band members have an understanding of each other in their friendship, far beyond their musicianship, and this in turn carries through to their musical compositions and performances.


***THE MUSIC:*** In general, people seem to be immediately drawn to the catchy riffs and melodies that emanate from Bop's musical creations. Another trademark is the lyrical content of the songs. Sprung out of a deep well of contemplation on life events, listeners can relate to the words and be taken to a place that is so grounded in the human experience, yet so beyond the deceptive average everyday routine. Fans and new listeners alike will quickly catch a small glimpse of what the band is about by seeing a performance and experiencing the sound.


***THE NAME:*** As for the title of the band, there is no clear cut explanation for it. It certainly seems to have been the catalyst for an endless list of meanings for the individuals in the band, the band itself, and for fans of the band. One might hear Jordan say "It's not that we really discovered or chose 'Bop' for ourselves because we thought it would be a good name for a band...no, who would name a band 'Bop?'...but, it's almost as if 'Bop' discovered us." As absurd as this may sound, there certainly is something beyond that seems to be pulling the band along. Jake would say that the latest idea springing forth from the amorphous band name holds "bop" as representing a dialectic of a dark and self-depricating, yet lighthearted and absurd mockery of the world and pop culture in general.

To listen to Bop's music click on the image below



Andrew Dorland up and coming Artist, check out Andrews work here at the Asylum...

Talented Illustrator
Andrew Dorland


Books Andrew has illustrated at Soul Asylum Poetry.

(click on the book cover to learn more about the authors)

Author Kenneth William Cowle


Author Kenneth William Cowle


Kathleen Zvetkoff, Andrew Dorland, and The Adventures of Willy The Monkey at Soul

Author Kathleen Charnes Zvetkoff



Jessica Lark Artist Profile At Soul Asylum Poetry.

My Name is Jessica Lark, I am a wife, mother, photographer, and artist, usually in that order.  I studied art at Moore College of Art and Design, Lycoming College, IUP, and AIOnline, and have won several scholarships and awards for my work.  

My personal photography focuses on Body Painting, for clients it’s usually fashion and head shots and wedding photography.  


You can view more of my work using these links





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We would like to thank all the members of Soul Asylum Poetry for your support and wonderful talents.


We plan to see this grow into a fast lookup directory so you can find out more about the professional members of Soul Asylum Poetry. If you would like to have more exposure of your talents, we are accepting profiles from the different arts; literature, art, music, drama.

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