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Kathleen Stiles...aka Kathleen
Poet and Children's story Writer

Kathleen Stiles, The Asylum For Your Soul Director, Poet, Children's Story Writer

  Kathleen Stiles is a Mother of three children, Stepmother of four, and soon to be Grandmother. An amazing Woman, Strong, caring, and compassionate, with a creative flair and zest for life, that is to be admired.

A wonderful Poet who writes of her own life experiences, passions and loves, including her Faith in God!


  My writing is inspired by a number of things

(usually life experience).

"I fell in love with the book, “The Giving Tree”, by Shel Silverstein, while reading to my daughter. This story has stayed with me since. The work of Cicily Mary Barker (creator of The Flower Fairies) and Shel Silverstein has been an inspiration to me and has peaked my interest in writing for children."

Cassie,Kathleen's Daughter did the artwork you see Below.

"She and I have in common the love of creation, and the beauty that can be found in a fairy."

  "I love to write and read poetry!"

   "It is a form of release and allows me to go places I can only go in my mind. It is also a way to grieve, grow, and share experiences. I hope that I can contribute to the world of poetry in a way that touches lives. The Soul Asylum has been a wonderful place to read what other poets have to share and I am grateful to be a part of this asylum for the soul. "

I Am Loved

I was blind,
Aimless within shadows.
In The Son,
Eternity I have found.
The world forgotten,
I am loved.

Written by Kathleen Long

  You can also find some of Kathleen's poems in Whispering Souls our first anthology, you will find the poems of many published poets in this book,, Kerry Marzock,,("Ravens Way" ), Marne Sayre, ("Fairy Tales & Mermaids"), Joree Williams ("Poetic Thoughts), SD McDaniel ("Wandering Through Paradise") and many many more,,as well you will find some poems from up and coming authors such as Donna Tanner, Kathleen Zvetkoff, Helen McManus,Emilia Nikola Young, and Jim Davis, there are just too many to mention,,,

Whispering Souls

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Kathleen Long in Whispering Souls,,, www.soulasylumpoetry.com


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