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Helen McManus Profile at Soul   Helen McManus is a multi-talented woman.  By day, an mild insurance agent, by night she is in charge of the Heart & Soul, our newspaper; founder of our Poetry for Partners forum and Grandma royale

 Her wonderful sense of humor and her mastery of styles has made her a well known and beloved figure on the site.  Her advertising background has been invaluable to us as well. Helen inspires so many through her poetry and loving nature. We are not sure what we would do without Helen.

Helen, says she started writing poetry as a tribute to her late husband Jim who passed away suddenly in September 2004. Helen says she has found much comfort through writing poetry as well as gaining many talented and wonderful friends.


Helen McManus Poet ast Soul Asylum


Widowed Dreams Helen McManus Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Jackson's Point Canada

Widowed Dreams-

Now Available For Purchase Click Book!
A collection of poetry by Helen McManus.
A journey of love, pain, loss and recovery.
It takes you through the loss of a lover and the healing process that followed. For anyone who has grieved or is grieving, this book will bring a great deal of comfort.
Click on the cover to learn more about Helen.



Helen has contributed so much to the site, she's such a wonderful treat to read, like crème brûlée poetry!

  You will find some of Helen's wonderful poetry in "Whispering Souls" , the best from our poets for 2006,,you will find the poems of many published poets in this book,, Kerry Marzock,,("Ravens Way" ), Marne Sayre, ("Fairy Tales & Mermaids"), Joree Williams ("Poetic Thoughts), SD McDaniel ("Wandering Through Paradise") and many many more,,as well you will find some poems from up and coming authors such as Donna Tanner, Kathleen Zvetkoff, Leslie Arbogast ,Emilia Nikola Young, and Jim Davies, there are just too many to mention,,,

Whispering Souls

19.99 CAD

Helen McManus in Whispering Souls

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