Memorial for Glenda Leger - hotcajunmoon - a Soul Asylum Poetry member forever.

It saddens us to know that one of our members
who is was a very close friend to many of us, has passed away.

Glenda Leger

This will be a permanent memorial page for her.

In Loving Memory of Glenda Leger - hotcajunmoon - Poet

Imagery by DK Nichols

We are encouraging as many members as possible to post a tribute poem for her in the Challenges section of the playground. Thanks to SD McDaniel for initiating that thread.

Flowers for Glenda Leger - hotcajunmoon - 1949 to 2006
Imagery by DK Nichols

READ OR POST TRIBUTES TO HotCajunMoon - (Glenda Leger)

MORE TRIBUTES TO HotCajun Moon - (Glenda Leger)

Click Here to read some of the poetic contributions of Glenda to our Playground.



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