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Emilia Nikola Young...aka...write2pleaseHim
Poet, Freelance Writer,,,Published

Nikola,, has been a member of Soul Asylum Poetry for some time,,Living in Australia,,Nikola loves Traveling,

and is a Poet and a Sports Feature Writer... Nikola also loves photography, and the Photo below is one of Nikola's shots. Truly a talented lady. Nikola now spends her time writing and traveling with her camera. She enjoys sports and boot scooting. Keep your eyes peeled for Nikola's upcoming book,

"DEAR ONE, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?"  which has been out for a while now, and now Emilia's newest book is available!

"Sunrise Sunset O'er Mexico & Dakota"

Photo Works by Emilia Nikola Young~ Canal Culture

We here at Soul Asylum Poetry are very happy to have Nikola with us.

Her poetry has a magical feel,,she will take you to some spectacular spots with incredible images,,and soft emotions,,very spiritual and moving,,you will enjoy the journey.....To read some of Nikola's poems you must register with the playground and click the link below....

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Dear One, Where Have You Been?


Emilia Nikola Young

Now Available for Purchase, click book to order!

Emilia Nikola Young Dear One Where Have You been? at the Soul Asylum Poetry book store now!

  Take this Journey with award winning poet Emilia Nikola Young as she brings to life her travels with creative flair and style. She paints uniquely vivid pictures of beautiful lands from around the world,

  So for those who have traveled, you may find some familiar sights, for those who do not, you can experience these places through Emilia's words,,

" A breathtakingly beautiful experience"

 Kenneth William Cowle

 Publisher, and Editor

You can also read some of emilia's poems in our best of 2006 anthology...

"Whispering Souls"

click book to order your copy today

19.99 CAD, 165 pages

Whispering Souls the best of our best for 2006 buy your copy today from our bookstore online at www.soulsylumpoetry.com

and look for Emilia's next book coming soon, titled

"Sunrise, Sunsets O'er Mexico & Dakota"

Click the covers to purchase book!


Emilia Nikola Young, award winning poet and author of Dear One, Where Have You Been?, has now penned Sunrise, Sunset O'er Mexico & Dakota.

This is an incredibly visual collection of poetry bringing to life both Mexico and Dakota, written in English and reflected in Spanish. For those of you who have traveled to these places you will recognize many familiar locales.

Emilia shares her detailed observations with a unique soft, metaphorical style, along with some wonderful photograhs she brings to life her trip for all to see.

Perfect Bound 8.5" X 5.5" $19.99 CAD


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