We were so sad to learn that Dee Anne Blades (DSpiritsong) has passed away.

Dee Anne Blades

This will be a permanent memorial page for her.

Copyright Samuel S Schmucker, circa 1907 used in tribute to Donna Lynn Tanner (DSpiritsong)

Dee Anne wrote of many things, often of angels and fairies. She also had a reverence for the native people that she expressed in The Native American Saga.

Soul Asylum is proud to look back to when Dee Anne was one of our first published authors - My Poetry Garden. This is one of the books that set the tone for what Soul Asylum stands for. It also is a reflection of the passion of the members that are thought of as dear friends, none more so than DSpiritsong.

Learn a little about DSpiritsong in her own words:

"I'm not beautiful, rich, famous, exceptionally smart, exceptionally brillian, exceptionally anything, but I love to write. I have been writing poetry for a long time and some of it has been really good and then some of it has been pretty bad...

I have a friend who helps me with everything I do because I am partially handicapped. She is so good to me, and her husband was good to me too. When we lost Earl, well, the sun didn't shine for a long time for us. Pat, my friend, helps me get along from day to day and I help her cope, too... I hope...

Even I wonder sometimes where some of my poems come from, but I don't ask, I just write."

This is the last poem posted by DSpiritsong:

Falling again
June 11, 2007

Falling, free falling through the air
No one is there to catch me,
I'm just out there on my own
Falling, don't see the ground or trees

The hiccup of the big splash down
Is coming fast, and I know the end
Is near...I can't see or hear
I don't see the gold thread or bend

around myself to tell where in truth
I really am in this plane
of existence, or if I've crossed a
divide somewhere, there is pain

So I know I'm still here somewhere
I know that I'm falling, fast and slow
The tell tale signs of a heart beat,
A headache tell me there's still a glow

Oh there is light forming all around me
Angels opening wings to cushion this fall
A golden thread is attached to my soul
I won't hit that hard brick wall

My Memorial

The final page has just been turned,
your pen has finally stilled.
A time of rest you've richly earned,
your missions here are fufilled.

We shed a tear for you, dear friends,
though we know that you're still near.
The spark of life has reached its ends,
though your spirits still hover here.

We'll remember you with happiness
each day we still write.
Know that we do truly miss
your heart's rich innermost light...

The final stanza of your gift
was written in words for forevermore.
Rest well, poets, as you lift
your heads to Heaven's shore.

For all our dear poets who are with us in our poetic inspiration now...and always.

by Brokenwing (Brandy Wagner)

I will miss Dee Anne dearly, and still cannot believe I will not hear the words Teddy Bear, as Dee would so fondly call me, she helped give me the confidence to do what I am doing today, Ken Cowle.

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Books written by Dee Anne Blades:

My Poetry Garden

Poetry from the Heart

Gods' Gift

The Native American Saga



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