Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Inc.

The business has recently been incorporated and is offering a limited number of shares. These may be purchased through this web page - please see further down for purchase options. (Click Here)

For over four years the company has been operating as an independent publisher of books, with sound financial management and an excellent relationship with lenders. The owner and President Kenneth Wm. Cowle has managed to create a thriving business that is well run and has the attention of talented artists around the world. Over thirty titles are in print and available through the major book dealers as well through the company's own webstore, where more profits get back to the authors. The members that contribute to the website content and who have become published writers have been a cornerstone of the company's success. These authors are seeing returns on their efforts.

Since the begninning a main goal of Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Inc. was to bring together writers, musicians and artists into a collaborative mix of talents. The benefits are an online community that fosters creativity and diversity, and most recently the promotion of musicians has been extended with the creation of a new division: Double K Records.

Double K Records has already made alliances with independent recording artists and is planning a continuing series of projects to promote and produce albums from a wide variety of musical genres.
The musicians contacting Double K Records are international in scope. The number of people wishing to work with the company is exceeding all expectations.


Promotional Activities

Weekly Radio Shows incorporating music from independent artists.
(available by regionally by FM and worldwide by Internet)

Direct sponsorship of band expenses at concerts
Compilation CDs that represent the variety of music styles
A new online networking site for musicians to share and sell their music.
Live performance events and bookings

Double K Records is already working with musicians on producing demos and albums for distribution and airplay.

Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Inc. is very well positioned to continue growing The purchase of shares will be a worthwhile investment in a profitable business and in the future of the dedicated and talented people that make it all possible.

Shares are Cdn $ 1.65 each and are sold in blocks of 100, 150 and 200.
Online purchases will be processed through PayPal. You can use major credit cards with their secure transaction system.


100 Shares $165.00

The documents will be delivered by Xpresspost, insured, with a tracking number
and a "delivered" confirmation required. Delivery Fee: $20.00 per purchase.

Thank you investing in our future.

All inquiries should be directed to:
Ken Cowle
Toll Free 1-866-902-6655

or in writing to:

Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Inc.
79 De La Salle Blvd.,
Jackson's Point, Ontario L0E 1L0

Information Issued: November 4, 2008

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