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Christina R Jussaume...aka Crj147
Poet,Published Author

My name is Christina and I am a Christian wife, mother and grandmother.  I lost both of my parents before I was 40 years of age.  By writing poetry I found relief from my grief.

My poetry helped me to see the beauty given by God.  The beauty I had seen all of life

I began to write about. 

I work full time in an historical town hall in Massachusetts.  My hobbies are gardening with my hubby, spending time with my Daughter and Grandchildren. I have one daughter and two grandchildren ages 4 and 8 years of age.  My favorite thing is to write and to read poetry.  I write with the essence of my soul and heart and hope that all that read what I write does enjoy it. I write in many formats and write spiritual, fantasy, love, humor and even of current events.  I created a form in memory of my Mother called the Christ-in-a-Rhyme which is seen in my book.  Her name was Christina also.  I try to write poems that will bring my readers the feeling of peace and my poetry is inspired by Jesus and my family.

My first book is called “My Walk with Jesus”. The publisher is Publishamerica. 

The ISBN# 1-4241-6830-9. 

Copies of Christina's Book will be available soon through our bookstore!

We here at Soul Asylum Poetry are very happy to have Tina with us. I have known Christina for some time, and have loved to read her spiritually inspired poetry whenever I need a lift. You will too.....Ken Cowle Publisher, Poet

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