City of Opportunity - Asylum for Your Soul Radio Show

Originally aired April 28, 2009

This show runs two hours.
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Show Title :
"A City of Opportunity "

A show theme that came from the great music and artists in tonight’s show,, finding poetry and a flow that will take us through life in the City. Love, and loss, the fast pace, the reaching for one's dreams while drowning in a sea.... there is an amazing mix of music, poetry and prose, from some great Artists. 

The Poets: Dean A Glenn, Melinda Worland, Stop The Poet, Darlene Fogel, speedy9237, Don P Elliott, SD McDaniel, Raymond Anderson, Brooklyn Born, Kat Stiles, Ken Cowle, Pamibear, Chris Vaughan, tessgold, Kairi, Gurly Gurl, and many more, a packed full show...

The Musicians: Hilde Myron, Calling Out Closer, Sisters3 Freddy Will, Alexandra Day, Larry Saklad, Paul Kurrey, Kevin Ricci, Julia Othmer, Rikki Tachman, The Marigolds and more.

Hosted and Directed by Ken Cowle.

Production Assistance by Kat Stiles and Dar Fogel.

Sound editing: Charlie Ross

Thank you to all of the poets and musicians sharing their work with us, and
to all who help with the shows, and with other aspects of Soul!

Thank you also to all of the members of Soul. Without you there would be no soul to Soul!


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